The Black Widow.

I really didn’t know they hung out in Canada. Until I got here that is.

Many Canadians have told us to be aware of them, what they look like, where they live etc, reassuring us that they have never seen one.

Today Josiah recalled 3 black widows he had seen this week. One at church where the children took delight in stamping on it and 2 on the wooden ledge outside ‘The Dollar store with More’ (with more costing more than a dollar)

They were true recollections, he knew the facts ~ he knew what to look for, the shiny black body with the red hour glass shape, he knew that they were dangerous and poisonous.

He recognizes the shape of danger, he evaluates it and avoids/deals with it.

There has to be a lesson.


Tonight we watched Alice in Wonderland. Young Alice comes to a fork in the road and asks Chesire Cat which direction she should take. ‘That depends a good deal on where you want to get to’ said the cat. ‘I don’t care much where’ said Alice. ‘Then it doesn’t matter which way you walk’ said the cat.


I love the book of Proverbs ~ so much wisdom and true understanding for life.

I’m going to read some today.


Proverbs 1:1-6 The Message bible says this…

These are the wise sayings of Solomon,

David’s son, Israel’s king—

Written down so we’ll know how to live well and right,

to understand what life means and where it’s going;

A manual for living,

for learning what’s right and just and fair;

To teach the inexperienced the ropes

and give our young people a grasp on reality.

There’s something here also for seasoned men and women,

still a thing or two for the experienced to learn—

Fresh wisdom to probe and penetrate,

the rhymes and reasons of wise men and women.


A Black Widow proverb : ‘Learn what it looks like, turn away from it, avoid it and if you can’t avoid it then stamp on it’


Another Black Widow proverb: ‘Avoid the Dollar Store with More’

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