Bear Facts

Another week flies by and the warm weather has returned to Kelowna.

School is going well for the children ~ crazy hair day today ~ just for the fun of it!

Phil is gearing up to share the vision for the church this weekend.

And me? Coffees, chats, meeting people, hanging out with my boy, staying connected.

Phil and I love Fridays. Being his day off we get to have a nice breakfast and a catch up.

Let me tell you about today…

The sun was shining, the sky blue, so after dropping 4 kids off at 8.30am we grabbed a quick brekky and take out coffee and took a stroll down Mission Creek.

Camera in hand, I was determined to capture the arrival of Fall.

I love this time of year and Mission Creek is great place to capture the change.

We strolled and chatted.

As we crossed the bridge and looked down. There she was. A brown bear. Having fun, catching fish. Far enough away for me to grab my camera, change lens and snap a few.

Heart rate up we continued to stroll, a little faster now… We had planned another half an hour. But after five I was ready to head back. Phil assured me he couldn’t get the car and fetch me.

There was one way back. Past the bridge, past the bear.  We were pretty convinced he would have moved on. But no, this time he was a lot closer, the bear looked up at us. I’ve never had eye contact with a bear before ~ but I knew the time of taking snap shots was done.

We stepped up the pace, Phil sang, we clapped, I prayed, Phil pretended not to be scared.

In the midst of our moment of song. Two lycra clad ladies came cycling by, having worked out we are not busking they ask ‘Did you see a bear?’

‘Yes’ we reply in high adrenalin type fashion.

‘Oh, superb’ they say and head off in the bears direction.



That might explain the cycling bear dressed in lycra Phil spotted on his run this afternoon.

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