Languishing or Flourishing

It’s not just November, it’s the 9th November… How did that happen?

People tell us we are heading for the worst winter Kelowna has seen in 50 years

‘since the lake itself froze over’ Hard to believe when fall is just beginning to fade.

This week.

We introduced a group of Canadians to Guy Fawkes. We enjoyed a good fire, fireworks, marshmallows and the kids made a ‘guy’ Phil told the story. In the spirit of ‘the celebration of deliverance’ rather than a 500 year old grudge.

We missed being with our friends at the Via Conference.

Elf Yourself 2010 now entertains Bella (therefore all of us).

I was introduced to Gingerbread Latte at Starbucks. Yum.

We met 26 familiar faces as we walked downtown on Sunday afternoon.

God answered a much prayed prayer. The beginning of recovery. We are thankful.


As the trees lose their leaves. The color begins to fade. I am challenged to think of life’s color. I have read some posts of John Ortberg and parts of his book ‘The Me I want to Be’. Here are some of his thoughts combined with a few of my own.

Are you languishing or flourishing?

Languishing is recognized as the absence of mental or emotional vitality. This can result in isolation, discontentment, discouragement, feeling irritable, insignificant and troubled.

A failure to thrive.


Flourishing is to grasp your purpose for living. To become God’s best version of you. Recognizing and understanding  your own conditions that lead to your flourishing.

When you flourish you cannot help but pour blessing into relationships. You listen to others. You are struck by their dreams. You bless. You are open. You forgive.


‘For us to reach that point of true flourishing you first need to know, grasp and believe the truth that you are God’s masterpiece.

God’s Masterpiece!’



‘God made you to flourish

To receive life from outside of yourself

Creating vitality within yourself

Producing blessing beyond yourself’

John Ortberg


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