Tourist or Pilgrim

Kelowna looks very different this month. After a Summer of sun and sand, enjoying the lake, pools and boats.

Fall has arrived.

Sometimes I think I would like to remain in Summer and have that tourist mentality, but I choose to flow as naturally as the season changes.  I decided at the outset of this transition that in this ‘four seasons playground’ I would embrace it all.

Fall really has captured me. I am so inspired and enjoying the look of celebration as the intensity of color hits against blue skies.

New Fall experiences this week? Hay rides, running around a corn maze, choosing a perfect pumpkin and the realization that people do like to gather for winter.

I find myself friends with wives of mighty hunters who this week were able to fill their freezers with moose, deer and bear meat…

It’s all change.

Back to being a tourist… or not.

We understand that a pilgrim is ‘a foreigner or wayfarer’ An older more poetic definition of pilgrim has its root in the latin ‘through the field’. The ancient image suggests a curious soul who walks beyond known boundaries, crosses fields, touches the earth with a destination in mind and purpose in heart.

I like that image and journey on…decluttering myself all the way.

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