The Lord has Spokane

The week began with parties for the Collins boys. Out on Friday night with the Community Pastor’s and wives for Phil’s birthday and Scott’s leaving to ‘Ricardos’ for great food, a slightly random location but a fun restaurant. Onto the little mans birthday on Sunday…the BIG 4. Lots of fun, friends and a room full of diverse people. Mighty hunters (have I mentioned them before?) the creative one, the homeschooler, the miserly mom, baby spice and many children. The party was organized and run by two very capable 11 year olds whilst the parents drank coffee and passed around the bear pepperoni….

Onto the weekend. I said Bye to my gorgeous fam on Friday morning, hopped on a bus and travelled for 6 hours with 25 women to Spokane, Washington. Purpose of trip? Beth Moore conference and shopping. Shopping? Marguerite will say…in Spokane? Ha! You haven’t been to Kelowna yet!


Much to peoples surprise I hadn’t heard of the famous and adored Beth Moore, a 53 yr old, evangelist/teacher from Houston, Texas. A dynamic woman with a ton of energy, passion and humor. I liked her (and her highlights and self tan) I think the other 5499 at the conference seemed to also… She taught from Ephesians 4. A lot of good points. The main ones for me were along the lines of ‘unity’ The thought of standing shoulder to shoulder with people. Not because they are like you. But because that is what God wants of us a church. That variety and diversity brings unity not uniformity.  I learnt more about the women of WPC – they do relationships and community very well. Lots of honesty.

By 1230 we are in Northtown Mall, complete with escaltors. It was like being ‘up the Mezza’. Supper at the Olive Garden ( oh the breadsticks…) and more shopping at River Park Mall, more mini Bullring than Mezza this time. Shopped out we headed home on Sunday. It was good to be home and welcomed by a pumpkin, a fairy, a ‘cat’walk model’ and a ‘goth’ raring to go trick or treating…halloween is certainly a big deal here… so I sent them off in the spirit of ‘gothic fall festivity’ and an hour later they returned with a year’s supply of candy.


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