Growing Young

Last weekend Phil was in Regina (ridge-eye-na) the capital of Saskatchewan, pop.around 200,000. The temperature was -8 with lots of snow. He spoke at a youth conference at the apostolic church. A great time.

Jessica decided to try her hand at circus skills this week. First, the trapeze, this skill was attempted on the school swings – standing up, flying high she sailed through the air, landing and spraining her wrist. Today she attempted the high beam, walking gracefully along her wooden bed, complete with socks.  This time falling more seriously, our first visit to the ER, not A&E I’m told  (why would you take your child to American Eagle with an injury?) Feeling like extras in an episode of Scrubs, Phil and Jess  returned hours later with a fracture and a cast. This was actually the second cast because in the nature of ‘releasing people into their destiny’ Phil allowed the student nurse to fit the first cast, which the doctor proceeded to chainsaw off. The Dr a discerning man, described our precious Jessica as a Diva. Not for her operatic skills may I add…


We love GENnet our young adults group at Willow Park. We alternate between GENnet gathered – all meeting together one week. GENnet scattered – small groups and service in our community – and once a month – GENnet feast!! Love it! Today we invited the ‘young married’ group of GENnet to our house.

Slight obstacles along the way with Jessica’s hospital visit and the meal we ordered arriving – for 2. Feeding 12. We had fun with this amazing group of young, early 20‘something, married couples.


A highlight of the evening for me.  We are all playing the get to know each other game. Finding out our nationalities which were German, Italian, Ukraine, French, Dutch, Scottish, Irish and of course the Brits.

Then the big question came out. The one on everyones lips. Only Jordanna could ask.

How. Old. Are. You?

Now, do we go with the ‘guess’ and risk disappointment. Or just tell them..

Phil said ‘Guess’

I said ‘Oh, Lord’

They said ‘I reckon Phil is 35 and Michelle is 28’

We love this group. Really love them.

After they had left. Phil and I danced for a while, young and carefree as we are….

And as if I don’t feel youthful enough. I opened my book and there it was. The word. One of my new favorite words.


This word comes from the Greek word ‘neos’ meaning ‘new, fresh or youthful’ Neoteny is the ‘retention of youthful qualities by adults’. Bennis and Thomas in their book ‘Geeks and Geezers’ write ‘Neoteny is more than retaining a youthful appearance , although that is often part of it 🙂 (emoticon mine) Neoteny is the retention of those wonderful qualities we associate with youth: curiosity, playfulness, eagerness, fearlessness, warmth, energy’

It’s more than a nice concept. It’s the heart of God, he asks me to change and become like a child.  Not childish. Childlike.  With limitless dreams and possibilities!


The same God who looked at a few loaves and fishes and saw a banquet, rather like our meal tonight with our new young friends.

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