The Lights are on Green

This week.

Josiah asked if I knew the bathroom in ‘Canadian’ is called the ‘gopee’ I told him I hadn’t heard that. To which he replied the children in my class say ‘teacher, I gotta gopee’

Josiah also decided this week that if he was a traffic light he would be green.

Here’s this weeks BIG news!

Our BIG news is that as of Sunday night Phil was appointed as Senior Leader of Willow Park Church.

It was 12 months ago exactly that our journey with Willow Park began.  Throughout this journey we have seen timing as so important. How God brings his purposes and plan together is amazing. We were given a prophecy on leaving the UK in June  (prophecy is the message that has been communicated to a prophet which he/she then communicates to others. Such messages typically involve inspiration, interpretation, or revelation of events to come – thought I’d add that…:) This prophecy was around the image of a barge and locks. The barge enters the lock at the lower level; the entrance lock gates are closed; water is released from the higher level; and when the barge is raised to the upper level the exit lock gate is opened. Once in the lock the barge can only rise up by drawing water from the higher level. We knew this wasn’t a sudden experience and couldn’t be rushed and that we were to reach beyond what we know. There were other points but the main one being vulnerability to the lock keeper and there is pressure of waiting,

5 months on, we have held the word close, waited and prayed and not pushed for this role.  Sometimes waiting is difficult and silent – but in waiting we can learn so much.

We were blessed last night at the members meeting when a church member got up to the mic and said ‘the waters have risen’

Other BIG news! The snow has arrived resulting in great excitement in the Collins home. Tobogganing, a blazing fire and hot chocolate are now part of our daily routine.

Today it is bright skies and -10.

BIG White have announced they will be opening a week early. Just in time for American Thanksgiving. So thoughtful.

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