Ski Sunday


We are loving the Canadian adventure and this week did not disappoint! The Collins 6 went skiing.

We headed off for a couple of days to Big White – an great family friendly resort only 45 minutes from where we live.


Phil is a great skiier which us newbies were thankful for.

We had such an A.mazing time and are looking forward to a fun season.


I came across an ‘Introduction to Skiing Dictionary’

Here are a few definitions I can identify with from my experience so far.


American Teaching Method – A simplified, accelerated system of ski instruction in which students are taught how to operate a hot tub before they learn the snowplow.


Bootfit – 1.The extent to which the ski boot is the right size or shape for the foot. 2. A highly emotional outburst caused by wearing ski boots that are the wrong size or shape.


Mitten – a large shoe worn on the hand.


Skiing – the art of catching cold and going broke while rapidly heading nowhere at great personal risk.


Ski Bum – someone who, because he would rather ski than work, takes a low paying job on a ski resort so that he can watch people with high paying jobs ski while he is working.


Ski Lift – an uphill transportation system in a ski area, in North America usually an open chairlift. Distinct because as you leave the chair lift it is up to you to injure yourself by falling down on the unloading ramp. Or in our case – skier who makes impact (Emily) the skier who trips her (Michelle) the skier they hit (Jess) and the smiling witness (Bella)


and finally my favorite – well according to my kids anyway…


Snowplow – A ski position in which tails are pushed out into a V shape and the insides are edged. First maneuver on skis taught to beginners once they have the following movements are mastered – the ‘snowsit’ ‘snowfall’ ‘snowchew’ and the ‘abominable snowman’.

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