Gaze on the Blaze

This week we had our first Christmas concert at school. All 4 of the Collins kids took part, Josiah and his pre school class ‘singing’. Bella the angel. Jessica the ‘pretty city girl’ and Emily the ‘goth city girl’ We love St. Joseph’s in Stourbridge and their great community – and we are blessed to be part of another with Heritage School.

Living Nativity came and went this weekend. With 12 shows, 200 volunteers, 20,000 cookies and 7,001 visitors. Not forgetting that 1!! I have never been to anything like it.The show itself was amazing (a rather handsome narrator…) A Victorian scene with ‘live mannequins’ and onto the bustling Bethlehem town. Emily, Jessica and Bella took part in the scene doing pottery and weaving and enjoyed releasing people from jail with their shekels.


6 months ago today we left the UK. Thank you so much to family and friends both sides of the pond who have encouraged us in our transition. We appreciate you.

These times always bring reflection – thanks – prayers.

‘They’ say that 6 months is the hardest when you move country – throw Christmas in too and you really are in for it!

We will always hold the tension of family and friends who we miss so much and fulfilling a call in Kelowna. We are utterly focused on the assignment.  Focus comes from the word meaning ‘hearth’ or ‘fireplace’ in other words ‘the burning center’ I can sit for hours gazing at our blazing fire – it takes energy to keep the fire burning. I know the assignment needs us to fix our gaze upon the One who has sent us.


All of us need to understand our unique and important role in human history. A heroic role! Some heroic acts keep us right where we are – others take us to a foreign land. You might not feel like a hero but you are.

Some heroes I know…

The beautiful (pensioner!) newlyweds who have experienced 6 months of adversity and find that joy is their strength, the Courtneys and 27 friends who will go to Colima, Mexico this week and build a house for a family in desperate poverty. Our friend in Mwanza who decided that buying land on Lake Victoria and building a school wasn’t enough but to start an orphanage too, my friends who are foster parents, my friend who sleeps next to her little boy who is unwell at the moment – and the lovely one who has given up everything to care for her best friend – you are all heroes to many.


Keep Gazing on the Blaze.



Be the centre,

Be my source,

Be my light,

Be my hope,

Be my song,

Be the fire in my heart,

Be the wind in these sails,

Be the reason that I live

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