Bella Boo

Phil and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. We had such a nice day! Lingering and talking – drinking coffees, reading newspapers, eating Japanese food…we had fun – still celebrating our love and  enjoying the fact that we still like one another.


Big news… Bella turned 8! Woohoo… she decided she would like a day of skiing and tubing to celebrate so we obliged by joining her on the slopes of Big White – a lovely day with the bonus of joining up with some fun young people from church to spin on the tubes with.

Thanks Mia, Jenna and friends!

Bella is such a blessing to us and everyone around her.  As we celebrated Bella’s day we chatted as a family about how Bella blesses us and what we can learn from her young life.

She was born smiling and hasn’t stopped since.

She is continually kind and thoughtful, often ‘caught being good’ at school and described as having a servant heart without having to think about it.

We love how Bella has captured the balance between embracing her new life and enjoying friends at church and school and can equally value, miss and play for hours on Skype with friends in the UK.


Bella loves to learn, play, laugh, hug, read her bible, ski, swim, pray, pretend to be a cat, watch H20, hannah montana and school of rock, ride her bike, spend time with her big sisters, play with her brother, climb trees and have adventures…

Bella Boo – We Love You!

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