We have enjoyed the last few days.

4 Christmas eve services, hanging with new friends, eating excessive amounts of food.

All sounds very normal doesn’t it?


Woven through this time were other moments.


Moments of Reflection – as I reminisced and thought about the diversity of Christmas past.


Moments of Laughter – as Katy retold the Christmas gifts of ‘Gold, Frankenstein and Myrrh’ at church, as Phil got the lowest score in Yahtzee, when Emily was given a bottle of Robinson’s blackcurrant for Christmas and as we fell over in the snow on our walk in Mission Creek.


Moments of Grief – as I thought about my Dad.


Moments of Missing – our family and friends, our Christmas party, our Kinver walks.


Moments of Frustration – as each member of the family managed to go down with stomach flu.


Moments of Surprise – as I was given my Christmas present!


Moments of Hysteria – as I told my Mom I was going to the UK for a week on my own!


Moments of Silence – as we all read our books and gazed on the blaze.


Moments of Whispering – has he been?…has he been?


Moments of Contemplation – of dreams, angels, choirs, shepherds, stars, gifts, a birth…


Moments of Worship – throughout.


Of the One in our midst.



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