Well Well Well

The first weeks of January have passed. In that time I have visited the UK for a week on my own. Seen my gorgeous twins turn 12. Hold a party for 18 girls. Had a sleepover for 8. Welcomed Saltmine to Kelowna to perform The Screwtape Letters and seen a lot of thoughts and musings come together.

First things first. The UK. A wonderful time of travel ( I love airports – especially ones that give Mac makeovers and Jo Malone hand massages – I decided to treat it like a spa day 😉

Catching up with my family and friends. I did. not. stop. My journal made an appearance at Calgary airport both ways. Not quite the contemplative week of writing and catching up with myself that I had in mind.

I cherished being with my Mom and was relieved to see her still dancing in the rain. I enjoyed sitting on Charlotte’s bed late at night and having our ‘chats’. Catching up with my friends was awesome, their lives and stories. Each one blessing me in a different way. Like a long refreshing drink – or a delightful dizzy cocktail, an exciting espresso with a few cosy cups of tea in the mix… (you know who you are)

I loved coming home to Kelowna to my family and my new community. The week did what it was meant to do. Phew.

I am reading Chasing Francis by Ian Morgan Cron. Loving the book. About the pastor of a mega church who has a melt down and finds himself traveling to his uncle, a Franciscan priest in Italy. Through this pilgrimage he rediscovers/reinvents himself on his encounter with the life and legacy of St. Francis of Asissi.  When I have completed the book I will write my favorite quotes on another post. If you read/have read the book – let me know your thoughts. I am reading it alongside a diverse group of people which is fun!

Prayer and scripture are so close to my heart and this week I have been reading Genesis 26. There is a famine in the land of Canaan and Isaac the rebound Patriarch moves to the land of the Philistines in a place called Gerar. God blessed Isaac and as a result the Philistines ‘envied him‘  Isaac was ordered by the King to move on. He did, without resistance.

He moved on and began the digging of wells. Isaac digs 4 wells on his journey, each bringing a different experience, he called the wells Esek (contention) Sitnah (strife) Rehoboth (room for all) Shebah (oath)

Isaac was faithful in his journey, always moving on looking for the place of God. He didn’t resist the people who created the contention or the strife – not because of weakness, because of inner strength.

There will always be strife, resistance and contention in life, we can choose to move from these wells and not drown in them.  Allowing grace to flow and lead us to Rehoboth – of flourishing, of wide places.

There is more to Isaac’s journey but I will stop here and pitch at Rehoboth for a while.

Now to find the Thin place in the Wide place.

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