Dear God,

As always Thank You.

Please pass on this note to my Dad, you will find him lounging on heavenly beaches, chatting to many and drinking a Raki equivalent.


2 years today Dad. I said goodbye to you. If death from this life can be perfect, then we were given that. As I held hands with Mom, Rich and Matt, Phil, Kev and Lorraine. The sun shone. And you departed, Today the pain is of missing you is harder than ever. I am desperate to share with you my new life, the summers, the hills, the mountains, the lakes, the fishing, the trucks, the 4 wheel drives. How expensive the beer is! You would be so proud of us. I know that. You always knew we would adventure off somewhere, that Phil would pastor a big church. Sorry you are not here to welcome people into our church. I tell people how well you did church around your kitchen table, welcoming everyone, giving us all your time and wisdom 😉 We all miss you, Rich especially, he carries you in his heart daily. Matt is doing so, so well. Charl is beautiful and needs a miracle. You know we have seen those. Yasmin we trust God for. Billie has just got into Haybridge. Must have her Grandad’s brains eh? and Harry is the nicest boy ever! My kids are beautiful (of course) Emz the deep adventurer, Jess the caring socialite, Bella the joy giver and Josiah the sizzling son. Often expressing with his hands. Wonder where he gets that from? ‘My argument is….’

And Mom? She is beautiful, tattooed, pierced, marri….. anyway…..

Dad, our life on this earth is but a moment, we are thankful for eternity. We are so thankful for you.

Everywhere I go this week a Beatles song is playing. I love that…

And then today, unexpectedly,

Amazing Grace – My chains are gone.

Enough said.


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