The Life of Ryan

Thank you for your messages last week. They mean a lot.


I’ve been thinking about change this week. Something that we know to be consistent – like not being able to jump in the same river twice.

Although. Some things never change. I switch on my UK local station ‘Heart FM’ for a little homeliness. They really have entered a lovely time warp. ‘Disco Inferno’ ‘Back to Life’ and ‘Ride on time’ on repeat. The news tells me there are traffic jams on the M6.

What else doesn’t change?

I speak (deliberately) in a broad black country accent when I speak (sorry..spake) to my Mom.

I wash my hair every day.

California Dreamin’ makes me feel happy.

Kelowna locals tell us every day that this weather is not usual for Kelowna.

Jessica asks daily if we can buy a dog.

I hate filling up the car with gas.


So many books are written on change – who we should be – how to embrace it – spiritual change – being world changers.

John 15:7 says ‘If you abide in me and my words abide in you. You will ask what you desire and it shall be done for you’  True change comes through abiding in friendship and relationship with God, resulting in discovering what pleases Him. Our Creator enjoys working with us, He loves to hear our dreams – they matter to Him.

I look at desire in this way. ‘De’ means ‘of’ and ‘sire’ means ‘father’. My Heavenly Father.


I love reading and listening to the word of God, Ruminating. Taking words and phrases and allowing them to interact with who I am. This week I read. Psalm 41:1. ‘Do not fear, for I have redeemed you, I have called you by name, you are mine’.  As I meditated on ‘called by name’ Change happened. Everywhere I went I saw people that this verse was written for. People called by name by their Creator.


A homeless guy sits outside my grocery store, I throw him a dollar and carry on. Turning back to face him. I ask him his name. Ryan.

I can see he doesn’t usually experience eye contact, or receive a smile let alone be asked his name. Imagine going day after day without anyone using your name.

A small change but it’s a start. When I see him now he is Ryan. I pray he will hear his name from the One who changes lives.


Back to Heart FM. Groovy kind of Love is playing.

I love Phil Collins…

as I said, some things never change.

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