Springtime arrived as the Turners came to visit from Brisbane.

You know Brisbane. Beautiful One Day, Perfect the Next!

It’s been a couple of years since we holidayed together – our yearly vacays to the South of France, the Canaries, CentreParcs – not forgetting Leedons campsite.

The Collins/Turners posse packed out our 2 weeks with skiing at Big White. local sights and Vancouver. Big White was a lot of fun. Kids massively grew in their skiing confidence, skiing the blues and blacks with ease. Karen and I spent a lot of time laughing, falling and getting lost – although we were very happy to have  special ski instruction from a hot instructor who seemed to show me a lot of favor.

I guess 13 years of marriage does that for you. Thanks Phil…


The chair lift was, as always a challenge. Most of the time I had several children next to me and would give the chair operator a knowing ‘slow it down for the kids please’ look, she obliged and most of the time we skied off with ease.

As i skied and rode the lift minus kids one afternoon, I realized Miss Operator had known all along it wasn’t the kids but me who was ‘chair lift challenged’ as she slowed it right down – just…for…me….


On to Vancouver! My first visit.

Just a 4 hour drive from Kelowna through beautiful mountains. I thought about The Truman Show as we traveled.

After his visit last year, my friend who I will call ‘Jolly One’ described Vancouver well.

‘Manhattan meets the colonies. City parks meet majestic mountains meets the pacific. The new world meets the old. Europe meets the Far East. Busy meets relaxed. City meets healthy. Sea plane meets dolphin. Harbour meets whale. Romantic steam ship meets cargo and commerce and trade.

With a harbour area designed by a little boy with a big toy chest and a ‘learn-to-paint-the-Edwin-Lear-way’ art set’


We loved it all! Highlights? Stanley Park, Crabbing, Purple starfish. A 10k run around the Seawall, a interesting stroll along Hastings Street and The Old Spaghetti Factory.

Not forgetting ‘hide and go seek’ in the elevators of the 35 storey hotel (the kids that is…)

I loved Granville Island and dreamed of one day studying at the Emily Carr University – seemed to bring out the creative one in me.

At the end of time busy together we were so blessed to still remain great friends and the Collins Clan look forward to one day visiting that perfect place they are currently calling home.


We have studied Galatians for the last month in church. This week was chapter 5. I love the visual that is created from verse 16 ‘Walk in the Spirit’ .

Walk – an ordinary word, from one place to another,a continual action to keep on walking. A decision to walk in a certain way. In step with the Spirit.

Realizing that all decisions I make, however small, are significant and will lead me one way or the other, that no decisions are neutral but will lead me toward the light or toward darkness.


Is it about more? I like this list of less than.

We don’t need more love; we need less pride.

We don’t need more joy; we need less pessimism.

We don’t need more peace; we need less fear.

We don’t need more patience; we need less anxiety.

We don’t need more kindness; we need less apathy.

We don’t need more goodness; we need less evil.

We don’t need more faithfulness; we need less selfish ambition.

We don’t need more gentleness; we need less harshness.

We don’t need more self-control; we need less self-gratification.


Galatians 5 says that the result of walking in the Spirit is a life of fruit.

The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.


With the walk talk I had to show my favorite funky feet.

They belong to my Mom who walks the walk well.

She’s fruity too.

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