May Memoirs

It’s the coldest Spring in Kelowna for 50 years. That’s all I have say on the matter.


The journey continues.

Our friends Jen and Candace came to stay. Jen is on her Canadian tour and came to us along the way. We love having friends stay. Eating, playing and joining in our noisy life. They left us to attend workshops at the Jacobs Well project in Vancouver  Looking at life in the margins – understanding God’s heart for the people on the margins of society.

Jen has lived in that place for many years in Pensnett, Dudley. Committing her life to live out faith right in the midst of it. Fact: Jen is not keen on the country music strum.

Someone who is keen is Scotty McCreery

This week he won American Idol. Young man with a big voice who thanked the Lord for getting him there. I know everyone says that but I believed him. Interesting how the 2 finalists were both from the Country Music genre. I have found some more genuine country music titles to add to the list:

‘I still miss you, Baby, but my aim’s getting better’

‘If you leave me, can I come too?’

‘I’m sorry I made you cry, but at least your face is cleaner’


Why thank you America – ‘I love you this big’


Emily finally bought her kayak, named him ‘Vincent’ and took him out on Kalamalka lake – the lake of many colors. A happy girl.

Speaking of happy girls.


Phil officiated his first Canadian weddings. Initial observations of different style? The wedding can be in any building, any place. Phil has held weddings at resorts, golf clubs and the beach. Bridesmaids enter first, the bridal party (ushers, groomsmen, bridesmaids) all line up in a semi circle facing the guests for the whole service. Today he officiated a beautiful wedding. The sun shone just at the right time. An unexpected fainting of the bridesmaid not once but twice mid vows added to the event.  The wedding was so great it knocked her out.


Now sports.

We are influenced by hockey everywhere we turn, The Vancouver Canucks in particular (sorry Dale…)

a slow, subtle invasion of our lives until we realize we have cheered spontaneously on a facebook status.

We don’t mind the hockey match on in the background, especially in the 4th period 😉

Whilst on the subject of wrong thinking.

The rapture didn’t happen contrary to Camping’s prediction. Not that I know of anyway… saying that, an atheist bus campaign ran in Kelowna experienced a rapture of different sorts.

Here were the headlines.
Transit Authorities Unable to Explain ‘Professional’ Vandalism
KELOWNA, BC—(May 4, 2011) – The sudden disappearance of
advertisements from two buses in Kelowna defies explanation.


And finally my fave….

I’m loving a vibrant community of storytellers. I have had some fun with their ‘six word memoir’ exercise this week. A platform for storytelling using six words to create a memoir – a life story in 6 words. In addition you can create a love story, parenting story, a moment in time story.

Enjoy gathering with your family and friends and have a go at creating yours. Bringing you into conversation with yourself, your soul, your family, friends.

Have fun with it we did!

Here are the Collins Clan six word memoirs. All in their own words.


Michelle: ‘Glam Pastor’s Wife, Limited Baking Skills’

Phil: ‘Johns. Wesley, Bon Jovi and Cleese’

Jessica aged 12: ‘Dog Loving. British Fizzy Overflowing Beauty’

Emily aged 12: ‘So Far So Good. Life’s adventure’

Bella aged 8: ‘I just can’t stop smiling. Ever’

Josiah aged 4: ‘Mommy. Dinosaurs. Friends. Swimming. Being Kind’

Ozzy the Hamster aged 3 months: ‘Wheel of fortune. So they say’








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