Canning Laughter

When you allow a Spirit led discontent to lead your life you find yourself in a new place – running with a new focus.

A new lens, new vision, new people, new language. New. New. New.

A verse which is on repeat for me is found in Philippians 3:13

‘I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us’

We are not called to forget who is past nor to obliterate memory. We are so thankful for past mercies, for life bringing us to where we are.  But we focus ahead – to the One who beckons and calls us for a now purpose.

We are so blessed to have great family and friends near and far who constantly cheer us on in our race. An image which keeps us going, encourages us and gives us the strength to run. It’s not just ones I love lining the streets of my life. Hebrews 12:1 tells me there are a great crowd of witnesses cheering me to run with endurance.

I need my cheerers and and my goal in life is to be one who cheers others as they run this race.

As Charlton Heston was assured by DeMille in the infamous chariot scene during the making of Ben Hur

‘You just stay in the race, I’ll make sure you win’

We know One who makes such a promise for life.

If you can’t run I’ll carry you, If you need a breather I’ll sit with you – but I’ll make sure you get up,

Allow yourself to hear the cheers for your life.

They are loud and clear.

A year today we left the UK.

I asked my family for a few words that would describe our Canadian experience so far.

I threw them into a little rhyme. Enjoy!

Canning Laughter.

Driving on the wrong side, right turn on red,

Sleeping in a super king size bed.

Bi-level homes, dessert on dinner,

BBQ’s – monster grills; I eat like a sinner,

Roll up the rim, ice cream cake,

I must remember to learn to bake,

Perogies, wieners and my homemade jam,

My kids speak French, Oui Oui Madame.

Feeling of lost, feeling of home,

Like a gourmet meal on polystyrene foam,

Costco shopping, buying up big,

Loving Rotary, Kaloya, and Reiswig,

My writing, my blog emerged in CA

Winning a writing prize – I enjoyed that day,

Visits from friends – breathing the same air,

Come, come and visit us, you’re guaranteed a bear,

I use Cart for Trolley, Trunk for Boot,

I even have girly friend’s who shoot,

My garden is a yard; I say pants for trousers,

I might even start to use the word Wowzers,

Skiing, Skidooing, Kayaking and Fishing,

Hawaii’s not too far – Here’s wishing…

Wineries, Mennonites, Spas, River floats,

Wake boarding, tubing, jumping off boats,

Mountains majestic, Okanagan Lake,

I try and embrace life each time I wake,

Breathtaking beauty, the West Coast jewel,

I’m absorbed in a world where Canucks rule,

A year has gone, what can I say.

I think it’s pretty obvious.

One word.


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