The Boy

I hit the BIG 4’oh’ last week and my youngest boy started school this week, I sense seasons changing.

Josiah’s observations after 2 full days. He had not learned to read yet and he should be allowed a day off when tired. He also asked me how many more days until he was done with school.’4 days until the weekend I said’ ‘No Mom, finished school for good’

It’s very quiet around here. 12 years of children at home is all consuming. I’m not sure whether to dance wildly or tiptoe into this next season. I could try tiptoeing wildly maybe? Imagine that.

As we enjoy our extended Summer here in Kelowna – I’m sure I will work it out

Here are a few questions I asked Josiah on his first day.

‘So Josiah, I’m going to ask for your favorite things, so give me one answer’ ‘

‘But I haven’t got one favorite of things, I have 2 or 3’

A Good start.

What is your Favorite:

Food – Strawberries, Raspberries and Apples

Color – Orange, Blue and Green.

TV Show – Jake and the Pirates, Mickey Mouse, Little Einsteins.

Movie – Toy Story 3, Tangled.

Game outside – Troll and Grounders on the fort.

Friends – Kalia, Leah, Megan, Matty, Mally.

Sports – Climbing

Animal – Lions and Tigers

Game with Daddy – Teaching me to ride my bike and drive his truck.

What job does Daddy do? Speaks on stage, works at church, talks to people.

Game with Mommy – Watch wild animals and draw.

What job does Mommy do? Clean up, ‘actually Mommy what do you do’?

Who is the coolest person? Mommy (…and Daddy)

What do you want to be when you grow up? A Photographer.

And what was your favorite part of school today? Crafts and Recess

 Josiah John Collins we pray God’s best for you on your new adventure!

2 thoughts on “The Boy

  1. How lovely, I feel moved reading it. Doorways and thresholds are important features of our life, enabling us to enter a new place, new season, new phase. Sometimes thresholds are welcome beginnings, sometimes there’s a real feeling of loss. But all of these changing seasons are what makes us human… growing, loving, learning and changing. Adapting. You’ve had an amazing twelve year season of faithful and blessed service to your wonderful family. The seeds you have sown are so evident and vibrant. Whether you tiptoe or dance wildly, be blessed, be bold and receive the gain in the loss. xx


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