The List

One of the first things I did when I turned 40 was try out an afternoon nap. I had heard about them and was often advised to take them, especially when I had twins. But no, they didn’t come.

I realize now after relinquishing afternoon control just once, that naps should be made compulsory for all mankind.

Proverbs 3:24 You’ll take afternoon naps without a worry, you’ll enjoy a good night’s sleep.’ The Message.

It’s official.

I like numbers and this month I’m liking 40. I look around and 40 is everywhere – 40 winks, Top 40, Life begins at… and not forgetting this little number

Then there is the bible.

Full of fortiness – it rained for 40 days and nights, Moses was on the mountain top for 40 days, it took the spies 40 days to search out the promised land, Elijah was in Horeb for 40 days.

That’s a lot you say… there’s more, Goliath came for 40 days before being killed by David, Jesus fasted for 40 days in the wilderness and Jesus was seen in the earth for 40 days after His resurrection.

With all of this mind I have written my 40for40 list.

Why? For me, 40 demands a time of revaluation. A time to consider. It’s like 40 has taken me by the scruff of the neck and among other things said ‘let’s have some fun girl’ this isn’t ‘things to do before I die’ this is ‘things to do in the next while’.

It involves people – my family and friends. I’m not doing these alone. Choose one if you like…except 25 – that’s an exclusive.

So here it is, the never done by me before list, I will aim to post a 40for40 update monthly!

1: Play 9 holes of golf – ‘I regard golf as an expensive way of playing marbles~G.K. Chesterton’ I’ll give it a shot

2: Go SUP boarding – hoping it’s not SDP or FOP boarding

3: Travel to Rome

4: Go to a spa in October – never been in October!

5: Run the Birmingham half marathon, now known as the Great Birmingham Run – October 23rd 2011

6: Drive from Seattle to San Diego – 2600 miles round trip

7: High tea at the Ritz – because it’s a British institution and it costs…wait for it… 40 pounds

8: Dine at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant – I like a revolution

9: Design new website for my Blog –

10: Ski a black – to make my Auntie Steph proud

11: Grow own veggies – because it’s good and I live in the Okanagan

12: Join a Flashmob

13: Try Zumba

14: XC skiing – I’ve heard it’s better in small countries but I’ll give it a try

15: Go panning for gold – there’s a rush for this one

16: Go indoor climbing

17: Go on a famous winery tour – again. I live in the Okanagan

18: Home make a curry – confessions of a Sharwoods user

19: Have a family pillow fight

20: Go whale watching – I’m thinking Tofino

21: See a Shakespearean play – I’m thinking Stratford – to be or not be

22: Go fly a kite – I like a natural high

23: Go indoor skydiving – looks like fun, thanks Chan

24: Attend a monastic retreat

25: Sunset meal on the beach with Phil Collins – in the air tonight?

26: Watch Mama Mia live show – I love cheese

27: Make Sushi

28: Get a photo published

29: Try Planking – shows my kids just how very cool I am

30: Watch all of the Harry Potter movies – sorry, I haven’t seen them

31: Try a new recipe every month ongoing – ‘hooray’ say the Collins clan

32: Lazy morning in bed until 12 – one of the hardest on the list for me

33: Go on Daniel fast for 40 days – I cannot wait for this one – really

34: Take Emily and Jessica on a mission’s trip to Africa

35: Attend a laughter therapy session – with my Momma, I’m laughing at the thought

36: Clay Pigeon shooting

37: Walk a glacier – always helpful to achieve something that may not be possible for the great grandkids

38: Visit Ground Zero

39: Go to U2 concert – I’ve been told it’s compulsory

40: Holiday in Brisbane – also compulsory

Thanks for reading. What’s on your list?

6 thoughts on “The List

  1. DIBS on 14 AND 17! I am mad for XC and also will take you on a mad tour of the SOK wineries…Burrowing Owl…Silk Scarf…oh my friend…lets go tomorrow instead of coffee??! 😉


  2. wow michelle, your bucket list is so full of stuff, i can do # 1 we can start in the spring. the other things just make me think that i would need tons of money and for sure i wouldn’t watch harry potter movies, eek!! makes me think of entertaining satan, although i have not seen or heard much about them. have fun fulfilling your list!! and for being 40…….after you only get better, like a fine wine!


  3. Well……….just read them all again…..sure you will do them all!! you are such an adventurer Shell…..
    8 Jamie Olivers restaurant sounds good…….maybe when you’re here??
    13…..Wow!! Zumbaaaaaaaa!!! here we come….you will love itxx
    16….couldn’t do it myself but would def watch you…
    21 Shakespearean play….just has to be Stratford….sure you will make it when you’re home….we will babysit…
    22. Go fly a kite….I can see you doing that with Rich…..
    30….All the Harry Potter movies…wow….Charl would love that….she has the whole lot
    35…Laughter therapy….can’t wait…..laughter has always been our therapy….think we will take the class…..The joy of the Lord is your strength….sure is!!!
    I love your listxxxxxx


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