A wintery week in the lives of Collins clan.

I received my first Urban Harvest order and enjoyed cooking some veggie delights from the box. First of all a fave of mine, Jamie Oliver’s Parsnip and Ginger soup. You have to try it!

Secondly, Celeriac and Carrot soup. Very good too. Celeriac – the unsung hero of the vegetable world, a rather ugly looking thing, but get below the surface. You’ll be surprised.

Did I just talk recipes on my blog.

Maybe not atypical after all?


An introduction to Witopia. Our new VPN service, encrypted access to the Internet. For me this means one joyous fact which has changed our lives for good.

BBC iPlayer.

Enough said eh Brits?


The Collins clan enjoyed their first ski of the season. An early opening of Big White tying in with a Friday off school…perfect. We were packed up and ready for an overnight stay at the hill. Yet again managing to look like we were emigrating. I wonder if that will ever change? First thing in the morning we geared up and successfully made our way to the chairlift. Phil led us to the higher lift which unnerved me as I prefer to break in gradually you know. So off Phil and Josiah went. Trusting us to make our way. Off go the twins. Leaving just me and Bella.

Timing is everything. Sadly this time, timing was not…on time.

Not quite making it through the gate, it closed on me rather harshly, knocking me flying across the ground. ‘Stop the lift, stop the lift’ I hear them holler. In addition to the chairlift halting, I find I am tangled up in myself like some skiing contortionist.
I look at the friendly Australian, smile and ask for a hand. ‘No worries’ he says as he hoists me up.

I couldn’t look back at the cool, oh so trendy and no doubt laughing snowboarders behind me….

I know if I were them I’d have probably fallen over laughing myself.

I pray all the way that I don’t fall off at the top.

To complete the scenario. There they are, my skiing family, waiting for me.  All smiles. Oblivious to my ordeal.

Phil says ‘Well, that was easy wasn’t it?’



We saw our 20th anniversary of Living Nativity this weekend. 7781 visitors came to Willow Park to see the show, the live mannequins, Bethlehem town. Our church community work so hard to ensure an amazing event takes place. Living Nativity. We see how the community loves it. We know the favour of God on it.

We aim to bless every life and story that walks through our doors.

‘Let there be light’


Phil and I got to hang out at our Seniors Banquet this week. So lovely to sit with these people and their wealth of wisdom.

Looking at a sparkling lady Phil asks ‘So what advice do you give me, I’ve got twins just about to turn 13’

‘Hmmmm, well I only had 6 kids so I might not be the one to ask’ she winks.

‘Love and laugh, love and laugh’ she says.


Today I went X Country skiing. Another one off my 40for40 list. I loved it!

Up 33 we drove to the Nordic Trails. Out of the fog into the clear air and skies.

And breathe.

I was reminded again as I skied. Look up Michelle. Don’t miss the beauty around you. The life!

‘I pray the way is clear before you this Advent season’

2 thoughts on “Advent*ure

  1. Michelle, you always delight, inspire, and amuse me!! I love to hear your tales of experiencing life and loving and laughing the Candian way EH!!


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