‘The words of a man’s mouth are deep waters, and the wellspring of wisdom as a bubbling brook’     Proverbs 18:4








I love the visual of this proverb – a wellspring of wisdom, naturally fed by the source.

But what if there is a blockage in that brook, the flow has ceased. The waters are immobile?

Caged, raged, scared.


Bored, hurt, sharp.


Uninspired, unsettled, hardened.


As the flow ceases, the water becomes stagnant. Murky.

Polluted waters. Suffocating waters. Impossible to tread waters.

Stagnant water, a breeding ground for bacteria, parasites and often disease.


‘To avoid water stagnation, drainage of surface is advised. Areas with a shallow water table are more susceptible to water stagnation…’

Let’s apply this description to our lives.

Firstly, drainage. To create flow and movement we have to let go, to give out, to flow into the lives of others. For many this is not an overnight process, but doing something will create a movement that will begin a process of change.

Second, stagnant water develops in areas of a shallow water table. I mentioned this line from Gerard a few posts back.

‘God’s kingdom, like a water table, lies just below the surface of our lives. May springs break out and wells be opened up’

Just below the surface yes, but deeper than our minds can fathom.

My prayer is that you would recognise blockages that stop movement and flow in your life. That stop you from being who you are created to be. That the stench of stagnant waters will be too much for you and that you will let go to the safety of the deep.

My prayer is that you will visualise the bubbling brook flowing out of your life. The wisdom and the life of God flowing to those you meet.


TGI Friday.


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