Friday the 13th

My girls turn 13 today!

Teens. Much of my career has been spent with them – gaining qualifications to get paid to work with them.

And now I have my very own. All that experience. For such a time as this?

So, as usual I will dedicate a birthday blog. Less is more as you will know if you’re the owner of a teen or of course were one once upon a time. Instead I’ll go for a few pics I’ve snapped over the last week….or so

I have experienced a new look this last few weeks.

I receive the look after saying these simple words.  ‘my twins are turning 13’  the look that says ‘you’re in for it’ ‘heaven help you’ ‘been there done that’

I saw the same look as i pushed a double stroller…the look of ‘double trouble’.

OK. I hear you…

But double the blessings and double the fun.  I’m excited!

There are so many books on raising teens which I’ll never have time to read with the full time job of…raising teens.

One book I  mentioned a few posts back was ‘Family Squeeze’ by Phil Callaway, he illustrates a few thoughts on raising teens which I liked.

Laughter. Keep it light, realise that you don’t need sickness or death for tragedy with teens.  Provide a haven of contagious laughter.

Flexibilty. Don’t try and maintain the early years. Go with the ever changing flow.

Encourage discernment. Ask questions, challenge cliches, allow thinking.

Nuture through affirmation. There’s enough voices telling them they aren’t good enough, tall enough, thin enough, clever enough… Be the best tbh for your children.

Stay connected. Invest in time, activity and holidays. Oh yes!

I’m sure I will be receiving much advice in the next while….thank you.

One line I will remember day by teenage day is this:

Abounding grace is the hope for mankind‘ A.W. Tozer.

I am thankful that my parents poured out this abounding grace over my life as a teen.

I will do the same.

 Happy Birthday Jessica Grace and  Emily Rose. 

Love from your Biggest Cheerleaders

  Our Prayer is…

‘That you walk in the Lord’s presence’

‘That your roots grow down into Him, that your lives be built on Him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness’ Colossians 2:7.

‘That you will wait upon the Lord and soar like eagles’ Isaiah 40:31

‘That you will have complete and free access to God’s kingdom, keys to open any and every door, no more barriers between heaven and earth, earth and heaven’ Matthew  16:19

22 thoughts on “Friday the 13th

  1. ah michelle thats so beautiful i was in tears.. even though I am your most unreligious friend.. please send the girls our best..and please keep that book for me as mine turn to teens in may.. Why are they so GRUMPY already?


  2. How beautiful Shell………what lovely memories these photos bring to mind!! Your dad would be so proud!!
    Thankyou for your lovely words…….abounding grace……Praise God for His abounding grace upon us all xxxxxxx


  3. How beautifully put together. You have made such a wonderful memory for your girls by doing this. How fun is that….they turn 13 on the 13th.


  4. Lovely thoughts/memories, Michelle! So encouraging for all moms.
    Investing in our children’s lives brings the biggest dividends. Enjoy this special day with them.


  5. Hey – guess what, yes you guessed right – I have tears flooding down my face! Wonderful expressive words Michelle, send our Love, hugs and kisses to Jess and Em, wish we could be there at the party! have a fab day girlies xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  6. I wish most parents thought such lovely, encouraging,positive things about their children. You have lovely girls (and son) they are a credit to you and phill. It doesn’t always work out that truly lovely parents produce angels all the time, but it is lovely thing to see when it does happen.

    Happy13th birthday girls you are turning into two beautiful young ladies xx

    Grace & Co


  7. Lovely, just Lovely!! Please wish them all the best from us. We see you every weekend in church and your whole family is beautiful and so enthusiastic.
    You’ve been a blessing to us.
    Thank you for sharing Phil with us…he never fails to move us.

    Mary and Gerhard Wust, WPC members


  8. so lovely to walk back down memory lane with you my friend ……. mighty oaks came to mind earlier ….wonderful picture depicting the tencity of the growth being secured in the root system. Bless you all this special day x


  9. Michelle, How beautiful sharing your Birthday Blessings to your daughters with us! Blessing our children with words of encouragement, lots of love & God’s word fills their hearts.


  10. Happy Birthday to two very special girls. A beautiful post, from a beautiful mom, for a beautiful family. Miss you…

    Jolyon, Kerry, Jakobi & Jekiah.



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