Happy 23rd.

I saw you today.

At the lake of many colours,

In sudden rolling black clouds and monster raindrops,

I saw you today.

In a light that only a storm allows,

In the double rainbow which ended right at our feet,

… and as we looked for the gold, I saw it before me,

In my beached out babes.

I saw you today.

As I have done everyday for 23 years.

Yes – 23 years since I saw you truly for the first time.

I’d caught glimpses of you, but the frantic and the fear averted my eyes,

Until – I looked that day, the 23rd, with different eyes, the eyes of my heart.

I remember now my 17-year-old self and how you have poured in your burning love and how your love broke and thawed and healed.

I saw you delve into dysfunction and rewire those twisted roots and plant them into new ground.

I love that ground.

23 years and my life is transformed, yet, I arrive again today, new and childlike – with eyes of wonder, with a heart that says I am yours.

Psalm 139 says it so well,

Your thoughts—how rare, how beautiful!

God, I’ll never comprehend them!

I couldn’t even begin to count them—

any more than I could count the sand of the sea.

Oh, let me rise in the morning and live always with you!’


And the One responds,

I’ve never quit loving you and never will. Expect love, love, and more love!’(Jer 31:3)

I will leave you with a fascinating fact.

The first ever Morse code message was this:

.– …. .- – / …. .- – …. / –. — -.. / .– .-. — ..- –. …. – ..–..

And for the rest of us who cannot read Morse code it says this:

‘See what God has done’

This verse being Numbers 23:23

I write this post for one reason of course, to point you to One who loves you.

Happy day,

Michelle xoxo

7 thoughts on “Happy 23rd.

  1. Shell…..these beautiful exquisite words….they bring me to that thin place where heaven touches earth……..to that place where I know that all is in His hands…..Amen!!


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