Words of Life

Team Tilby joined the Collins Clan this week in Kelowna for a week of funshine. The Tillins enjoyed watching meteor showers, floating down the river, water slides, beach days, sleepovers, movies and laughter, and not forgetting ‘Olympics tonight’ on iPlayer.

Retrospective cheering seemed to work…

I am thankful for God given friendships and this family who do life so well together. Inspiring!

My musings this week took me to words.

My Dad would call me quick witted. Too quick sometimes.

Or should we call it sarcastic?

Thankfully, since beginning my journey of transformation 23 years ago I have increasingly learned of the power of words…and yes I’ve made some apologies.

Allowing the riptide of remarks to flow to a safe place.

Photo: icbymichellec

As I said, journey, right?

 What comes out of the mouth has to land somewhere.

Taking root. Changing thinking. Affecting future.

Oh the responsibility.

Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto, (The Hidden Messages in Water) proved that every word and thought carries a certain vibrational frequency when he did an experiment with water. He found out that water is affected by words. He took water droplets and exposed them to various words. He froze them for three hours and then examined the crystal formations under a microscope – with astounding results. When positive words were spoken over the water, it formed beautiful patterns. Negative words produced ugly patterns. Since our bodies are approximately 72% water, we know we are greatly affected by words.

In the Genesis account of creation, ‘And God said’ is used nine times.

God commanded light to shine out of the darkness; I love this image of God speaking over the dark chaos of our life and creation bursting in us.

Photo:Emily Collins

Proverbs 18:21 says ‘the power of life and death is in the tongue’

or from the Message.

‘Words kill, words give life. They’re either poison or fruit – you choose

I look at those around me – my family, friends, my community, you who read my musings and I am made aware of this verse again and again.

Precious. Loved. Wanted. Created. Protected. Considered. Desired. Future.

Words I have spoken this week.

Words I have offered to teenagers who are hit by media pressure and facebook updates of insecurity.

Words I have spoken over my community.

Words I have said to myself.

Because I have chosen to.

I will speak words of life – trusting that they will penetrate darkness and chaos.

I will speak words of life – and see those dry bones live.

I will speak words of life – knowing that they will transform and create, that something beautiful will form.

Photo: icbymichellec

How about you? Why not start now. The next person you see – speak words of life over them.

Let me know how you go!

Be blessed, 

Michelle xoxo

Words which do not give the light of Christ, increase the darkness.

Mother Teresa.

6 thoughts on “Words of Life

  1. Hi Michelle, yet again I am so challenged. I was feeling so crap this morning, feelings of failure and wanting to give in. I have chosen to speak negatively into the lives of my Family but just this morning I put on some Matt Redman and saw your post and read and today I have made the decision to speak words of life today. Despite everything we have a choice to praise or curse, to give life or take it away. I know what I want to do. Thanks again Shell much love and have a blessed day too Sal xxx


  2. Oh yes! I am so with you. Thinking on what I write…just watched a cute movie called “Midnight in Paris” and wrote a quote in my journal….
    “The artists (Jesus Chaser?) job is not to succumb to despair but to find an antidote for the emptiness of existence…don’t be such a defeatist”.
    So yes…let us speak hope shall we?


  3. Thanks Shell only just catching up with emails etc. You continue to speak in to many lives words that are real and practical, that help us take stock that help us to be more like Christ. Bless you x


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