Life is Grand

A heavy black presence entered our home this week.

It sits waiting for us.

We stare and wonder, we stare in wonder.

Yes, this week we adopted a baby grand piano. I am thankful and imagine the day when the sounds play beautiful around our home.

We love it; we polish it, we wonder about best methods, we discuss who really wants to learn…

This piano, with its life and memories and years of love, could sit in that corner for years to come, a beautiful ornament, waiting.

Or. We can embrace it, find a teacher, play daily, learn upon learn and allow life and beauty to emerge.

Life and Beauty

I look around my room and see bibles. Do you?

They too could sit and become grand ornaments of leather bound, lifeless, gold lined paper.

Lifeless, that is, until we pick it up, open it, speak it out, live it and play it.

The word of God brings life. Bringing a new song, a God song.

Yes! It penetrates those situations. It brings energy. It is active. Effacious.

But Michelle I don’t know where to start with the bible.

Pick it up, dust it off if necessary, open it around about in the middle and find Psalm 17. The shortest Psalm in the bible. I thought I’d be go easy on you… now if you really want to grasp some beauty move on a few pages and read Psalm 139.

Let that Psalm invade and you’ll be forever changed. You are loved.

Back to the piano, if anyone has a birthday feel free to come on over, Happy Birthday is the ONE song Bella knows…

Now. I do believe this piano needs a name so I’m setting up a competition this week.                                   Simply ‘Name the Piano’ feel free to leave your chosen name in comments and the winning name chosen by the Collins clan will win an itunes copy of  ‘For the Sake of the World’ by Bethel Music. Out on October 2nd!

Here’s a verse to capture my musings today!

Psalm 33

Good people, cheer God!

Right-living people sound best when praising.

Use guitars to reinforce your Hallelujahs!

Play his praise on a grand piano!

Invent your own new song to him; give him a trumpet fanfare. 

For God’s Word is solid to the core; everything he makes is sound inside and out.

He loves it when everything fits, when his world is in plumb-line true.

Earth is drenched in God’s affectionate satisfaction.

Have a great week,

Michelle xoxo

11 thoughts on “Life is Grand

  1. Here’s my entry for the piano….
    “Lucia” female Italian name which means ” light “. May His spirit be a constant bright light in your home & your hearts. xx


  2. Wonderful words once again Shell…….I think the piano is surely meant to be called ….Bella….beautiful in Italian….xxxxxxxxxxx


  3. How about “Heartsong”?
    I’m guessing that some of the sounds that you would want to be produced from this beautiful instrument would be songs/sounds of the heart :0)


  4. How about “Black Beauty”? It’s black and it’s beautiful. Not very original, but it came to my mind immediately when I saw it.


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