We are in the UK. Family and friends in abundance, catching up on lives and stories of losses and victories. Life.

Overwhelming? Yes. Love it? More. Missing Kelowna? Of course…

Tonight my thoughts linger in Worcester cathedral.


I knew I would meet Jesus there. How could I not?

The art mesmerizing.

Wood brought to life.


Glass made vibrant.

By the hands of those who loved, were gifted and gave.


Iron, copper, gold. intricately forged.

Inspired by the Artist.


We remembered…


And in the midst of awe we stopped and heard the words.

‘Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again’.

The Collins clan with rustling shopping bags and phones pinging.

Settled and hushed awhile.

We returned from our diversions and forgot about the tensions.

And knelt down together and held out our hands to receive communion.

The ultimate meal. The love feast.

It was in this moment as I looked along the row of our twelve hands and among the bitten grubby nails, chipped nail varnish and wedding rings I saw life waiting to receive His life.

Our hands. Remembering His pierced.

Our hands. Saying yes.

Our hands.

Hidden in His.

Food for thought? Hope so…


Michelle in England xo

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