Time for a Five minute Friday? Just about.


I was, until more recently, when a combination of life and questioning and realizing bought me to a new place.

So, this weekend I’m heading to an Encounter God retreat. A healing retreat where for 3 days I’ll be joining over a hundred other individuals who’ve set aside time to encounter the real Jesus. At this retreat, I’m told we will focus on learning how to deal with the hurts, hang-ups and struggles that we all face on a daily basis. We will learn to recognize those things that have kept us from living life in its fullness, and will we learn how to deal with the issues that hinder our ability to live out the greater dream that God designed us for.

This retreat is part of a church renewal movement.

I want to be part of renewal.

I believe that is what God is about. Renewing. Transforming. Changing. Healing.

Renewal or revival can conjure up at whole host of images.

What comes to your mind?

Salvations, church growth, lives changed?

Hysteria, flakey, unreal, unreachable?

Laughter, bouncing, shaking, barking?

Depth, change, vision, roots?

Renewal and revival. Two words are different, yet coincide. I know that revival often leads to renewal and renewal can happen without revival.

A friend asked me recently ‘How’s revival?’

My response? Not as we know it.

I see God is doing a new, deeper work of renewal.

Leading us to dig deep into our hearts and souls.

There we will find hard soil, secrets and pains.

There we will find answers to behaviours.

There we will find God.

When Christians,  particularly when we Christian leaders humble ourselves and say.

I have not got it all together.

When we Christian leaders make ourselves vulnerable.

Intimacy results.

Vulnerability. It’s a word I’m beginning to use. It’s my way forward.

That’s what my counsellor tells me anyway…

If you have 20 minutes going spare today – check out this Ted talk 7 million other people have. The 7 million who have already listened to it thought it was 20 minutes well spent.

Click here.




Off to drive the Coquihalla, I’ll be back on Monday.

Love, Michelle xo

Five Minute Friday

9 thoughts on “Afraid.

  1. Should be a great drive today! I’m sure you will recognize the awesomeness of God’s handiwork as you travel. Blessings for this weekend & beyond.


  2. Good for you. Jesus likes the real you. The real me. He sees all of us . . . and loves completely. No fear in Him. Encounter away!


  3. Will be praying for you, and all the others who are meeting together. Looking forward to hearing the God stories you will return with.


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