Vulnerability on Facebook.

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I recently read a Facebook post from a friend (a teacher) who’s very calling and passion had been questioned and undermined. Who had taken a hit by a fiery dart which had left her hurt, confused, floored.

So, she put a shout out on Facebook asking for some encouragement…

The fleeting thought of judgment of asking such a thing disappeared as I drew on my current focus of living in vulnerability. I soon saw the power of it. Remembering: “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.” Brene Brown.

Here’s what she wrote for me:

‘I guess you could say that my post went viral in my own little world. I received 24 pages of encouraging comments from students, former students and parents of former and present students. Each one had a profound effect on me. They made me cry and smile. They brought back fond memories of every single student who responded. They strengthened me. Each word of encouragement was like an arrow shooting back at the enemy who was trying to discourage me. I was humbled again in a different way and somewhat embarrassed. My mother wasn’t. She said she was proud of me and the comments made her cry and smile too. She was the one who asked me to copy all the comments into a Word Document and send them to her so she could read them to my Dad who doesn’t like reading on the computer. That’s how I know there were 24 pages of encouraging comments. You know what else is significant about that number? This is my 24th year of teaching. Yes, Satan may win a few minor skirmishes, but my ultimate victory is secured in Jesus Christ! Let us never underestimate the power of encouragement!

….I greatly appreciated, and now cherish, the encouraging comments that were given to me last week. Without social media, I wouldn’t have been able to reach out in my need or received such an immediate response. There may be those who see only the “evils” in social media, but I for one have benefited in more ways than one from the positive use of social media. God can use ANYTHING for his purposes!’ Thanks Jo!

I’ve read all sorts of posts complimenting each other lately on being a round person in an edgy world. Raw edges? Shattered? Serrated?

How are you on encouragement? Being an encourager that is.

 ‘Therefore encourage one another and build each other up’                              1 Thessalonians 5:11

F.B Meyer said that if he had his life over he’d spend much more time in the ministry of encouragement.

Yes –  the ministry of encouragement. Is that you?

Healer of serration. Pouring oil on the raw.

Liar fighter. Celebrator. Defender.

Comforter. Hope giver. Creator.

You are real – you know hard stuff happens – in fact doesn’t just happen, its commonplace.

It’s not bumper sticker unreality or


Cotton candy fluff…

They’re THE Word pinning others down as they spin, holding them up as they fall.

“Words kill; words give life.” Proverbs 18:21

If I lived like that were true – that everything I say or write can give LIFE – I…we would be so much more intentional with words.

There is someone in your life, your family, and your circle that needs a word of encouragement today. It’s more than a positive word. Its more than a pick me up. Words give life. Ask ‘Who and how do you want me to encourage today Lord’?

It could be that only you are in the position to help those you come in contact with.

Become part of Gods plan for someone else’s day…who knows, it might be formative in someone’s life, or it might just get them through the next hour.

‘The generous will prosper;
 those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.’ Proverbs 11:25. 

Be (an) encourag(er)ed!

Love, Michelle xoxo

6 thoughts on “Vulnerability on Facebook.

  1. Michelle, loved this post because it is soooo true in my life! Keep on spreading the word, my friend. Others have told me that I have a gift of encouragement & I try to encourage daily as my ministry for Him, my Lord. And, I have received a lot of encouragement as well, which has carried me thro’ so much. I loved that what you said about each word of encouragement throwing an arrow at the enemy. Such a positive word this morning! Thank you. Bless you!


  2. How amazing is your blog today Shell…..the ministry of encouragement….I,m sure it,s there for us all…..we just need to grab hold of it… speak life into dark situations… put our arm around the shoulder of those who feel that they have no-one… come alongside those who are in despair and have no hope… those without joy that we may show by our own lives that….The joy of The Lord is your strength…..Amen to that!….To make ourselves vulnerable in sharing our own story that they may see that they are not alone in their pain but that their is one who brings hope and healing and restoration….Amen….Wow….love it!!! One more thing….to let them see that it is possible to cartwheel in the wilderness!!! Xxxxxx


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