Glorious Ruins

Day 13.

burnt out carPic by Phil

I grab my writing moments as Bella has her swimming lesson, it’s the end of the day, the YMCA feels like a noisy public sauna and it’s midnight dark outside.

Today has forced me to focus on a ruin.

You know the type. Where dysfunction, bad choices and pain have created a desolate rubble heap. Where abandonment resembles charred ashes. This ruin has been desolate for too long.

I face this and wonder if there hope in this situation.

A glimmer?

Surely if I stand for anything it’s hope.

So I search for the answer in the One who left glory to be ruined.

I turn to ruins in scripture and find Ezra and Nehemiah. I see the Old Testament temple overthrown and burnt to the ground. I smell a land charred. Desolate. I see the foundations cracked. Gaping. I see the city walls ruined. Defenseless.

Ruins – we see them everywhere don’t we? Fragile humanity.

Ezra focuses on rebuilding the temple, Nehemiah on the rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. What gems did I learn from these stories?

Survey the land before building. Vision gives life. Wisdom leads. Rebuilding needs people. It takes courage. Opposition will come. You will be discouraged. There’s always trouble. Strong foundations are built on praise. Plans are interrupted. There is accusation for those rebuilding. God steps in at the appropriate time. The prophetic voice is strong. The promises of God are yes. The temple was rebuilt. God is intimately involved in our lives. He does the impossible.

These verses:

Ezra. 7:28 Because the Lord my God was helping me, I had courage…

Ezra 10-11 When the workers laid the foundation of The Temple of God, the priests in their robes stood up with trumpets, and the Levites, sons of Asaph, with cymbals, to praise God in the tradition of David king of Israel. They sang antiphonally praise and thanksgiving to God: Yes! God is good!
Oh yes—he’ll never quit loving Israel! All the people boomed out hurrahs, praising God as the foundation of The Temple of God was laid.

Ezra 8:21. I proclaimed a fast that we might humble ourselves before our God, to seek from Him the right way for us and our little ones and all our possessions

Then there were these words…. to this song….

Glorious Ruins

by Hillsong.

 When the mountains fall

And the tempest roars You are with me

When creation folds

Still my soul will soar on Your mercy


I’ll walk through the fire

With my head lifted high

And my spirit revived in Your story

And I’ll look to the cross

As my failure is lost

In the light of Your glorious grace


Let the ruins come to life

In the beauty of Your Name

Rising up from the ashes

God forever You reign


And my soul will find refuge

In the shadow of Your wings

I will love You forever

And forever I’ll sing


When the world caves in

Still my hope will cling to Your promise

Where my courage ends

Let my heart find strength in Your presence

Thankful to Jesus – the ultimate Glorious Ruin.

Hope this post encourages you, it did me. You are loved.

See you tomorrow!

Love, Michelle xo

5 thoughts on “Glorious Ruins

  1. How timely are these words Shell……how beautiful……giving hope where there is despair……the words to Glorious Ruins made me cry….touched my heart… true……giving a glimmer of hope to so many who are finding life hard right now…..
    Thankful to Jesus indeed…..thankful that He always steps in at the appropriate time…..thankful that He does the impossible…..thankful that His promises are yes in Him…..Amen Amen Amen!!xxxxxxx


  2. Have to agree with Sue, Glorious ruins brings a tear to my eye. I have had some fantastic, even if strange pictures/visions whilst listening to this prior to serving in healing rooms at our church. One picture was of me being transported on eagles wings over desolate wasteland, with dark clouds below and then some faces popped through, with glorious smiles. One face was a friend who a few weeks later was given the all clear after having lymph nodes and a lump from her breast removed. Then, I was riding a horse, with the eagle on my left arm, we were charging through the land (me and horses don’t really go!).
    Michelle, I am reminded of the time prior to and to some extent during the time at Malvern, when I felt a wreck. Yet through the gentle encouragement of some of God’s most amazing children and a real touch from the King Himself, I am rebuilt.
    As I consider my love of old machinery, I guess that the restorer looks for ‘vital signs’. With people, a pastor once told me that if there are no vital signs in Gods people, ie, they are spiritually dead, they do not need resuscitation, but resurrection!!!
    Keep in encouraging and inspiring us to stretch our thoughts!!
    Bless you!!


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