Hope on a Rope.

Day 26.

Today’s post is prompted by this picture Phil captured yesterday as he ran in Black Mountain.


‘But those who wait on the Lord. 
Shall renew their strength;
 They shall mount up with wings like eagles, 
They shall run and not be weary,
 They shall walk and not faint.’ Isaiah 40:31

To reach that point of soaring and strength we must WAIT upon the Lord.

Waiting – that time that so often feels like a rut…

Let’s try and think of it differently, in this verse waiting is an active word from the Hebrew word ‘qavah’ which literally means binding together. Imagine the process of making a rope by twisting and weaving, the more strands the stronger the rope. Strands working together, entwined. The same word “qavah” figuratively means ‘to hope, to expect, to look eagerly for, to lie in wait for’

It’s anticipation. It’s Christmas morning at the Collins home.

How else do we tie in this rope of waiting with strength? Think about the use of ropes. When the rope is put to use it draws strength from the strands and goes to work. The more strands we weave into our faith life the more strength He gives us. Our strands could be prayer, study, friendship, laughter, learning from others, solitude, celebrating, rest, serving. All bound together in a life in Him.

Waiting comes in weaving. Strength comes in waiting.

One of the strands I love is to learn from others. Gleaning wisdom and life from those who have ‘been there done that’. Wisdom is woven through scripture in lives and stories. Solomon prayed for it, we are encouraged to ‘get wisdom and get insight’ in addition if we lack wisdom, ask for it and it will given to us abundantly.


We have a wonderful group of seniors in our church and I asked them ‘what would be your pearls of wisdom to the next generation’?

Here are some of their answers.

**Laughter is medicine for the soul**

**Look at where the other person is coming from**

**Don’t just look forward. Enjoy each present moment. Age 70 comes all too quickly**

**Every day has it’s glorious moment…or maybe even two. These make each day worthwhile**

**Each person is dealt his own hand of cards (life) to work with. Better to work with it than always complain and wish and hope things would have been different**

**Accept that God is ultimately in charge, and he can be trusted totally**

**Totally love your family, and treasure your friends. They are the icing of life**

**Don’t live life according to emotions; Live life on purpose, God’s purpose••

**Be true to yourself. You were created unique and perfect. Choose early to love yourself as you are, regardless of outside influences**

**I think the test of the “pearls” are when your child says them back to you at an appropriate (inappropriate) moment!….but Mom, you always say,…

**Life is NOT fair. Take what life gives you and do the best you can with it**

**Do you want to stand out? Then step down. Be a servant. If you puff yourself up, you’ll get the wind knocked out of you.  But if you’re content to simply be yourself, your life will count for plenty. Matthew 23:11**

**We are so busy charging all our devices to connect with what is important to us. Are we remembering to connect through His Word with the only one who can give us peace and purpose in life**

**Be Yourself….”If you walk around with your nose in the air, you’re going to end up flat on your face, but if you’re content to be simply yourself, you will become more than yourself!” Luke 18:14**

**From the movie Notting Hill, as Hugh Grant wonders if he could re-establish a relationship with Julia Roberts and she is busy ‘on set’. The line “But if you could wait, there are things to say.” Is one I have used effectively many times.

**Common Sense, which means making sound and prudent judgment based on simple perceptions of the situation or facts**

**Common sense to accomplish something not written up in a book. Common sense to know what is right when others my say otherwise. Common sense in university where no absolutes are taught. Common sense to consider the immense implications of unwise decisions. Common sense to solve a problem that cannot be solved at the same level that created them…..I am sure common sense is Gods voice in our inner being giving direction and wisdom**

Time to thread these pearls on the rope don’t you think?

What are your words of wisdom for the next generation?

See you tomorrow,

Love Michelle xoxo

Diamonds yesterday, pearls today, what’s tomorrow… Purple Rain?































































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