Our Promise. Be.


Our Promise. Be.

Where words fail.

Faces pale.

Find us in groans of grief.

Our Promise.

Wonderful Counselor. Be.

Wild fear, smothered in dark.


Too painful, just. too. hard.

Our promise.

Mighty God. Be.

In the empty, the void.

In the missing voice. No choice.

In loss like no other.

Our Promise.

Everlasting Father. Be.

Restless sunset.

A world making us wince.

Lost innocence.

Our promise.

Prince of Peace. Be.

O come, O come Emmanuel.

Be. With. Us.

 Praying this for you,

Love, Michelle xo


6 thoughts on “Our Promise. Be.

  1. This is beautiful Shell, Going to cut and paste into my “Reflections” book which I read on a regular basis.
    Thank you for blessing me with such words through the year. Much love to you Phil and the children, love and miss you all, Have a wonderful Christmas xxx

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