Fighting Fires



It’s been ‘one of those’ times…where fires are ignited by external events and accidents, by fear and anxiety.

My purse (wallet) disappeared in Walmart. It’s amazing just how much of life I can fit into such a small ‘Fossil’ space. Cards, cash (yes.. it was that one day I carried cash) health cards, driving licence, kitchen sink.

Thankful that money wasn’t spent on my cards. I am slightly obsessive when I lose something – lose sleep obsessive so I had to the necessary cancelling and  Thankful that I have been able to do that.

The next day, after a lovely afternoon with friends, Josiah decided to as he describes ‘try out a new move of a cartwheel into a jump off the diving board which went wrong’ Resulting in hitting his head on the side of the pool. Fire crew, paramedics, and an evening at KGH with the bravest boy and the best Doctor who, as he sewed 10 stitches into Josiah’s forehead said ‘you know Josiah the forehead is the strongest, we’re meant to face life head on’.
Thankful for a friend who was in arms reach of the water and whipped him out fast, for anaesthetic and for a body that heals.

Then Sunday came and Dion’s baptism. Love the testimony he shared of His healing and power into the darkest of times.

From the waters of baptism to a flooded basement. Thankful we reached it after an hour of the boiler going and that the damage is minimal.

Then we moved onto our week at Green Bay Bible camp. Love this camp and the campers we get to meet every year. Phil does what he does best and preaches it up with passion!


I had my first mammogram on Monday, I receive a call on Wednesday as further tests are needed. Thankful that it’s low suspicion.

I write this from a beautiful beach, toes in water. I’m surrounded by mountains and the beauty of creation.
Smoke is heavy in the valley as the Smith Creek Fires continue to rage. Water bombing planes dip through the lake every 4 minutes. It’s noisy. Fighting fires is hard work, we’re praying for those involved practically. For those evacuated from their homes this morning. For Seniors moved out of their safe place. We pray that the fire will be prevented from spreading near the power lines.


Rain Lord.

So what do we do as these fires of life rage?
For me I do what I know best. I find God on this journey. Today. I find gratitude at bloody poolsides and flooding basements. I find gratitude in low suspicion call backs. I join my friend on a beauty hunt.

I pursue peace. I pray. I reject fear.

Reign Lord.

I call down the gift of faith in prayer. The Gift of Faith. I dig deep in scripture for it. God’s Word is an indispensable weapon, my shield which extinguishes the fiery darts.  I look back at the extinguished fires of last couple of weeks and I see my heart with a renewed fire for Christ. I’m trying not to live in the ‘could have been‘ or the ‘what might be‘.

I’m living, loving today.

Psalm 23 – in my words. Join me in praying this?

Spoken and silent needs, you know them well,
Your familiar voice settles my soul.
I roll in lush meadows, in carefree rest.
Stagnant sea, parts to a grace oasis,
There I drink in the life of silent streams.
While in deep valleys, your whisper echoes,
Guiding weathered trails, secure sunless paths.
I’m invited! Your guest to sit and feast,
To face my enemies, who watch and scoff,
My head spins again under their mocking.
I’m invited! My delectable spread.
I’m invited! My paradise picnic.
Your healing oil cascades over my head,
Fresh fragrance flows, I carry your balm.
My darling, ever-present Companion,
You have pursued me well, I will abide,
Where the feast never ends. It never ends.

Bless YOU!
Love, Michelle xo

18 thoughts on “Fighting Fires

  1. recalling the words from the song, ‘Purify my heart…..refiners fire’ … I have a cd with this on, sung in Russian. It was given to me by a Russian Salvation Army group who toured GB some years ago. You remind me of the 007 drink….except, stirred, but not shaken. So many songs that refer to fire and water… one by Chris De Burgh especially springs to mind. And then, the waters of baptism rather ignite, than quench and my experience of a flight in a hot air balloon (see pics on FB) where the fire/heat gives ‘lift’ I pray my friend, that your experiences will give you ‘lift’ and raise you to new heights and your strength be renewed as you wait on Him….feel a poem coming on!!!


  2. Oh Michelle! What a time of testing you guys have been through— and oh what peace we can experience in the mist of it all! Thank you for sharing with us! We love you and pray for you !


  3. I’m reminded of the words,” ..sorrow may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning..” Always if we wait.


  4. Dear Michelle,

    What a beautiful gift you have!

    May our King Of Kings Continue To Bless You And Yours, Carolyn

    Sent from my iPad



  5. Oh our shelley !!…this will most definately all turn to dancing in more than equal measures of the difficulties youve had to go through….I luuuuurrrrvvveeeeeee you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx jbp xxxx


  6. A hard week or so Shell, yet we stand…arms raised in faith and declare….When the enemy comes in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.
    God has given you this beautiful gift of writing and sharing your life, that gives so much encouragement to others…..very proud of you….your loving momma xxxx


  7. I love that you are writing your blog again. Thanks xxxx thinking of you lots right now

    Sent from my iPad



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