In the Summertime.


Hello! It’s been a while… summer livin’ and all. I’m excited today to introduce a fresh new look to my blog (thank you lovely Bethany from our For the Love launch team) On the subject of For the Love by Jen Hatmaker – don’t forget to pre order here… review coming soon.

For the next week or so I am joining up with Blogging 101 on WordPress to give us writers a blogging boost. Assignments and changes on the blog everyday for a few weeks. Today is finding a new theme – I’m such a good student. Thanks WordPress!

For those new around here the reason I write my blog? I love stories and putting faith words to life. My favourite posts are those that give you a glimpse of life of this British family pastoring and adventuring in Kelowna, BC alongside offering words of encouragement to you on your journey, ‘bringing God colours into the mundane and miraculous.’

The blogging world is saturated with blogs of this same genre particularly in North America – and I don’t even offer recipes! So I could ask, is it worth it? But we don’t all read every blog. We read a blog we are interested in, and that we have connection with – and for me that’s enough, so I blog on! Oh and it helps because I am working on a Creative Writing degree.

The biggest comments I have are those of thank you for the encouragement and also apologies for not ‘actually’ commenting on the blog itself. Ah yes the whole commenting thing! I’m told I should leave the blog with a question to encourage you to comment. I’m learning…

Family news. You might remember I mentioned we were waiting to hear from Canadian government that Phil is ‘the man for the job’ we were pleased to hear a YES from them and now wait to be invited to apply for Permanent Residence soon!

We enjoyed a week on Kitsilano beach, catching beautiful sunsets, absorbing vitamin sea and enjoying the beauty of Vancouver. They tell me it rains there but I don’t believe them.




Bella and I enjoyed a girly 24 hours and went to see Taylor Swift in concert. That girl can sing and dance for hours! Taylor is pretty special too.


As I wrote on my last post – summer is busy with visitors and camps. Jess has been away for almost a month and returns this weekend. Emily and Bella are currently at the Ark, Emily cooking and Bella having the time of her life, although I’m sure the kitchen is fun too! That leaves Josiah to watch movies and play games with his lovely cousin Charlotte. We all head to family camp at Green Bay next week where Phil will be teaching for the week.

Nanny Sue and Dion are in town, making Kelowna their home for a month!



So, there’s a little catch up.

I was challenged to publish something on my blog that I haven’t done before so here is a poem I wrote – rewritten from one of my favorite Psalms. My lecturer did challenge me on attempting to rewrite something famous that couldn’t be improved upon but I offer my reflection anyway!

The Invite.

Spoken and silent needs, you know them well,

Your voice settles my soul.

I roll in verdant meadows, in carefree rest.

Stagnant sea, parts to a grace oasis,

I drink in the life of silent streams.

In deep valleys, you whisper echoes,

on weathered trails and sunless paths.

I’m invited! Your guest to sit and feast.

To face my enemies, who watch and mock,

my head spins again under their scorn.

I’m invited! My saporous spread.

I’m invited! My paradise picnic.

Your healing oil cascades over my head,

fresh fragrance flows, I carry your balm.

My darling, ever-present Companion,

You have pursued me well, I will abide,

where the feast never ends. It never ends.


Time to hear from you…

Describe your summer so far in a few words…


What can I pray for you?

Thanks for reading!

Love, Michelle.



12 thoughts on “In the Summertime.

  1. Weddings, reunions, camping, biking, family times, Continuing my spanish lessons, and learning a new sport, “pickleball”. Loving every minute. So blessed we are!
    So much more. Can’t quite capture my words like you, Michelle. Thanks for sharing. LP.


  2. I LOVE the new header! LOVE it! Thank you for sharing your words! “Stagnant sea, parts to a grace oasis.” Beautiful picture of salvation. I love it!


  3. Thank you for the reminder of this Psalm…the words will stay with me today an I meditate on something so familiar, yet so fresh this morning. To ‘Feast at the Table of the Lord’ (Chris Tomlin has a great song) where His Word to me is ‘Trust Me’, and ‘I will’. Choosing still waters and verdant meadows in the midst of a summer that is not slowing down yet….His Word breathed life through your vessel, Michelle. Thank you. S.


  4. I too have been in Vancouver this summer. I have experienced some challenges and some fun too with friends and family. God is good and He is giving me lots of opportunity to trust Him. Sharon


  5. Thanks for your wonderful blogs, even though I don’t comment on them. This summer has been busy with moving to a new home, having grandchildren visit and play in our complex’s pool, enjoying bike riding, going to dee lake with some of our grandkids and catching fish. It will be a memory for all of us. Enjoy the rest of the summer. Blessings and hugs. Kerry


  6. Love the psalm ‘Shell! My Summer? Garden delights, new babies, house guests, Uganda, listening, changing, hearing my favourite song ever “Good good Father” by Housefires, just beautiful! Love you x


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