The Feet of Jesus

Hi all,

A quick catch up and another poem by me!

We saw Nanny Sue, Dion and Charl leave us last week after a wonderful few weeks together then this week saw the arrival of Jo and the boys.

We decided to take them for an evening stroll on Mission Creek on their first night. Josiah was excited to spot a Momma bear and cub up the tree.


IMG_2236Have you heard this song by Paula and Hannah McClure ‘Jesus we love You’? My theme…

‘Our affection, our devotion poured out on the feet of Jesus’

I love to reflect on life as pilgrimage. We understand that a pilgrim is ‘a foreigner or wayfarer’ An older more poetic definition of pilgrim has its root in the latin ‘through the field’. The ancient image suggests a curious soul who walks beyond known boundaries, crosses fields, touches the earth with a destination in mind and purpose in heart.

Enjoy my thoughts of the feet of the One who touched the earth with destination in mind and purpose in His heart.

The Feet of Jesus.

The womb of the chosen mom,

Trough hay in newborn toes,


Childhood Passover pilgrimage,

Into cold waters of Jordan,


The pinnacle of the temple,

Temptation to step,


Fragrance fills the air,

Awash with tears,


Storm shakes the night,

Boat rocks as water holds,


Dove feathers fly,

As tables overturn,


Fastened by nails to Cedar,

Splintered agony to death,


Resurrected beach strolls,

With grains of sand known,


Thanks for reading!

Love, Michelle x

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