We are that Family.

Day Two of 31 days of writing. Word Prompt: Family.

11218918_10153328071359480_6088156165853711636_nI see my church family as a living, breathing organism with a natural rhythm of inhaling and exhaling, gathering and going out.

This week I have seen our young adult community gather close to mourn the loss of their friend Lauren. A bright light and Jesus lover, Lauren is remembered daily in our church family. They were reminded to – grieve with hope, stay close to each other and keep talking about Lauren.

Church family, it’s natural to be together as scripture encourages us. Inhaling, being close, filled up, worshipping and praying together and for one another AND exhaling going out to be light and salt to fulfill our calling.

Let’s not hide in our churches nor isolate ourselves. Let’s not add to our dysfunction with offenses and ‘not liking how things are done’ and the many issues that can distract from our priority.

Let the main thing be the main thing, knowing Christ together and sharing that with our community.


Inhaling we live in fellowship,

Exhaling we release what the living God breathes into us.

Inhaling ask the Spirit to take control.

Exhaling we live in a place of confession and forgiveness.

Of letting go, releasing.

Breathe church family….

As God intended.


I asked a few friends what (in a few words) ‘church family means to them’. Here are some responses…

*The book of Acts. Living it.

*A better family than the one you’re born with.

*Unity. One heart, one way. Corporate, powerful, effective prayer.

*Interactive , supportive , prayerful, “do life” together , beautiful and messy…

*A group of people bound together by blood and by love with passion for and dedication to the honor and growth of the family name and legacy. Every member with value, purpose and responsibility to the community.

*It’s the ones with the same heartbeat as your own. Ones where words are usually not necessary because there’s a deeper understanding and connection.

*Connection with people who know my story. People who will pray for me and stand by me, who accept me. People who are my tribe.

And this…being in a church family means you will never be lonely or as Psalm 68:2 puts it ‘God sets the lonely in families…’

See you tomorrow,

Love, Michelle

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