Day 22.


It’s Five Minute Friday and today’s prompt is FLY.

Joining other bloggers in five minutes of free writing – no editing, no perfecting. Simply ~~flowing~~

Should I write about my love for Fly boots?

Or my love for flying to the UK, and flying back to Kelowna again.

Or when Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) rescued me from the African bush after our car accident, and the locals had to clear a runway in the village and the local witchdoctor surrounded us drum, drum, drumming.

Fly. Hmmm. You’ve only got 5 minutes Michelle. Stop waffling!

….I wrote a post during the Spring, ‘Look at Birds.

I encouraged you to be careless in the cares of God.

I showed pictures of the robin nesting outside of my bedroom window, of bright blue eggs and bald baby birds.

I remember during that time we held a buzzing baptism service at church, where youth and young adults gave glorious testimonies of their salvation, new life, healing.

The overflowing church erupted in praise time and time again, the love of God lifting the roof.

Back to my yard.

During the nesting time I let my dog Sunny out in the yard as usual. The robin would swoop and dive-bomb the dog. The dog would chase the bird.

The fight was intense.

But, what the Momma Bird didn’t… couldn’t do was protect her fledglings from the only response our dog knew.

I had watched and marvelled at those eggs and hatching and first days.

And then… Gone.

Back to church.

We have a responsibility to care and nurture our babes far beyond the glorious testimonies of their new birth.

We are called to disciple and lead our people into a deep faith walk, to encourage them to ask the hard questions and navigate ways through the fog of doubt.

We are called to offer wisdom on the scriptures that speak of the reality of darkness and to shine a light on the enemy of our souls who wants to kill, steal and destroy.

We are called to invest time and energy into those who learn from and follow our example. Those who are looking at our life and asking: how would you handle this…that’s how I will do it. How do you live your life, how do you react to this situation, how do you handle your kids? Those questions can only be answered when we are willing to be a gracious, godly attempt of the answer.

Sometimes you have to watch somebody love something before you can love it yourself. It is as if they are showing you the way.’ Donald Miller.

I have seen this lived out strong among our youth and young adults. Sharing lives in genuine care, homes, hands and lives open.

‘It is beautiful to discover our wings and learn how to fly; flight is a beautiful process. But then to rest on the wings of God as He flies: this is divine.’ C Joybell C

Five minutes are up (or thereabouts)

What does discipleship look like to you?

Who are you protecting and nurturing to enable them to fly?

See you tomorrow,

Love, Michelle xoxo

What do you mean you wanted to hear about MAF rescuing me?!

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