Some call it a day off…

One of the things Phil and I have always been strict with throughout the many years of leading church is our day off. We have always made sure we spend that day together – often including a nice breakfast somewhere and an ADVENTURE – now known as Monday Funday.

With the constant awareness of ministry needs, the many conversations, being mindful of our community – we ensure that Sabbath is taken. Because so often pouring out means we need to find some pouring in.

For us that means stepping out of our everyday world and finding space, exploring new and changing our landscape.

Finding a thin place to commune with our Creator

Mondays become a pilgrimage where we catch up, pray for our family near and far and dream big for our community.

Finding a creative space that walking inevitably offers

Today was ‘Enderby’ the home of the River float, Fish n chips, Drive in theater… and Enderby Cliffs.


We began our 2200ft trek and the first section led us to a cross. carved by the villagers of Oberammergau, Germany. A clear symbol at the beginning of the journey, one adorned with expressions of young love and graffiti.


We began winding our way through shaded forests of birch and fir, switching back and forth up the mountainside. Invisible insects high in the trees, clapping their wings – the forest applauding.


I took a bow, caught my breath and walked on, bumping into a silent snake and a distracted bee.



Two hours of ascent brought us to sub-alpine meadows covered in Arrowleaf Balsamroot and Glacier Lilies.

The hike was well worth the view from the 180-degree viewpoint. A perfect blue sky dotted with storybook clouds offered views far south to Okanagan Lake and Vernon and as far north as Salmon Arm and Shuwsap Lake. As we sat in silence on the cliff-side ledge we ate our picnic, drank sweet English tea from plastic cups and ducked as swooping swallows swished passed our heads.


After a while, we made our way down and our journey ended as it began – at the cross, we stopped again and I noticed a child’s scribble ‘Jesus was here.’

Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of our life!

Blessings on your week,

Love, Michelle x

Isaiah 35 Voice – FOR YOU

Imagine the wilderness whooping for joy,
 the desert’s unbridled happiness with its spring flowers.

It will happen! The deserts will come alive with new growth budding and blooming,
 singing and celebrating with sheer delight.

So, with confidence and hope in this message, strengthen those with feeble hands, shore up the weak-kneed and weary.

Tell those who worry, the anxious and fearful, ‘Take strength; have courage! There’s nothing to fear.

Look, here—your God! Right here is your God!

The balance is shifting; God will right all wrongs.

None other than God will give you success. He is coming to make you safe.



Facing Forebodings.

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(Cold!) Eva Lake, Revelstoke

We have seen smoky skies, English framily, hikes for miles, swimming in icy lakes, birthday celebrations and a new Nikon camera. Don’t you think 44 has a nice ring to it?


Oh and BACK TO SCHOOL TODAY. Excited… for them (me).

Here’s an edit of one of my most read posts… always a good reminder.

I’ve been thinking about the thoughts we often have when everything is going well. Have you ever had that? Work is good, family is hashtag blessed – then the old familiar thought of ‘things are so good, something bad is going to happen.’ Brene Brown describes at that point that joy itself becomes foreboding. That impending feeling that it’s going to be taken away and that in moments of joyfulness, we try to beat vulnerability to the punch.

For me this was achieved through the habit of living vicariously. That safe place where I am in control – a safe place – but not who I was created to be.

Brene shares a poignant story in her book Daring Greatly about a man she interviewed who admitted to her that he never allowed himself to be too joyful about anything in life. An elderly man who lived a life ready to be disappointed. He made an effort to never get too excited or too joyful, so that he would be prepared if things didn’t work out and pleasantly surprised if things did.

Then one tragic day, he lost his wife of 40 years to a car accident. ‘The second I realized that she was gone, first thing I thought was ‘I should have leaned harder into those moments of joy. Because [foreboding joy] did not protect me from what I feel right now.’

Proverbs 15:15 says

‘All the days of the desponding and afflicted are made evil [by anxious thoughts and forebodings], but he who has a glad heart has a continual feast [regardless of circumstances].’

What is a foreboding? The dictionary definition describes ‘a feeling that evil is impending or that something bad is going to happen.’

It’s constant, an irritation, a dripping tap of what ifs and dread – a familiar subtle presence hovering over and gnawing at your everyday existence, Song of Solomon encourages us ‘Catch the little foxes that are ruining your vineyard.’ Catch them. Fight them. Seize them. To do so we must first recognize them and name them.

The verse goes on to say ‘he who has a glad heart has a continual feast (regardless of circumstances) Regardless of circumstances. Glad hearts don’t just happen – but can be nurtured with a heart of gratitude.

‘Gratitude is the most fruitful way of deepening your consciousness that you are a divine choice.’ Henri Nouwen.

YOU! A divine choice. I pray we become fully live to that truth.


On our Revelstoke Hike

Find promises in scripture.

Read them, journal them, pray them.

Find the surprises he has for you.

Let His love letter silence the forebodings.

You need to know I am not one to give pat Christian answers here, just read some of my previous posts to know I have known sickness, mental illness, alcoholism and depression in my family, still do, and I know this is often no quick fix – but I do know the freedom Christ gives.

Let us recognize the source of forebodings and not let them overpower us. Yes – there are often many reasons for our soul be to downcast  – let us learn to live with a glad heart, allowing our soul to prosper, taking thoughts captive – continually feasting!

Praying you know God’s best for your week.

Love, Michelle

Do you experience forebodings? How do you deal with them?

“I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.” Mark Twain