10350423_616549235118564_4597499449421779246_nVernon from the High Rim Trail

Hi friends,

Phil’s run went well, thanks for your interest. Here’s a little write up from him: Thank you so much for your support on my recent High Rim Trail run. How did this start? I sat one crystal clear evening, listening to the many news reports and I felt powerless over the Syrian crisis – I was a viewing participant but that was it. Then, a compulsion to act – a long distance run/walk flooded into my mind. So I did it! At least I could identify in the smallest of ways, focus my prayers, as each step became more uncomfortable, with those brief moments of isolation, disorientation (I did get completely lost three times). My toe nails, my muscles and the patterns of well placed mosquito bites testify that it was no walk in the park.This all fades into insignificance compared to the displacement of millions of little souls. The path runs north, but in reality twists, tears and lacerates its way through the deep shadows of the forest, with the occasional pairs of green eyes glowing, moving in a cycle from stunning old cedars, to crowds of antagonistic pines, the odd flower filled high meadow, to logged desolation. Relentlessly, the forest works to reclaim this path and stop its travellers. Fallen trees obstructing the way that one has to jump over, climb or bow down on all fours, the shadows seemed to smile at our endless genuflection. Deer paths confused us, thunderstorms and 2 hours of rain stole warmth, but we were encouraged by the many chortling creeks leaping between boulders, high above the Okanagan valley. We only met one other chatty traveller, trying to complete the High Rim Trail himself, he joined us for 30 minutes but soon called for a ride, we left him by the side of a random logging road. I explained to him that last time I looked $6000 had been raised for refugees – so I was willing to crawl to the finish. John Bunyan smiled. Thank you for your support!

In other news. The lost luggage miraculously returned, that’s another story…but needless to say we saw the suitcase miracle. Not because of the importance of clothes, insurance covers that, but the importance of a loving, caring God easing torment.

and breathe…

Todays word prompt ‘exhale’.

I love the image of Gods name…’Yahweh’ being not so much a word but a breath sound. Inhale ‘yah’ and Exhale ‘weh’. Just by breathing we praise the Lord. I love that in spite of ourselves and our pain, by breathing we are speaking the name of God. His name is on our lips! We see the breath of God in everything – through scripture – throughout nature.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 8.00.06 PMWe saw a crazy storm this week in Kelowna!

DSC01723…after the Storm.

“We live in God; we move in God; we exist in God… we are indeed God’s children.” Acts 17:28

Inhaling we are asking the Spirit to take control.

Exhaling we are releasing what the living God breathes into you.

Exhaling is living in a place of confession, short accounts and forgiveness.

Letting go, releasing.

and breathe….

I can’t end this little musing without a thought about Mom. We laugh a lot my Mom and I. A study from Oxford University found that laughter releases pain relieving endorphins, a critical factor and not just a feel good effect. Laughter boosts endorphins and eases pain. It’s not just a giggle here and there, if you want the full effects of laughter it needs to be a full belly laugh that involves the eyes, without eye involvement the benefits do not accrue according to the research. The reason why a full belly laugh has this effect according to researchers is that when humans laugh properly and deeply, we exhale repeatedly without drawing breath! By releasing endorphins you feel a greater sense of well being and that encourages you to be more at ease with lowered defences.

I love that laughter eases pain.

Laughter!Belly laughs.

Praying that as you breathe you find God’s name on your lips,

That you find a belly laugh here and there,

That you know God in your midst.

Love, Michelle xo

Speak to him thou for He hears, and Spirit with Spirit can meet.

Closer is He than breathing, nearer than hands and feet. Tennyson.


Five Minute Friday kinda

PS. Thanks Barb x




Lost Confidence

My friend asked me a few days ago why I haven’t blogged in a while… then told me she missed them.

I gave a few excuses and admitted that life and its punches had knocked my confidence and left me somewhat silent.

I have decided to find my words once more – or rather craft endless words of life and the precious ordinary that dance around my head. I thought 5 minute Friday would be a good place to start with the prompt ‘lost’.

Are there gifts and talents you know you need to find? Do you need to say yes to dormant gifts and promises?

Circumstances can so easily define us, if we let them. Our self-confidence often wraps us tight. Our overthinking dries us up.

Then we see the dry bones of Ezekial 37 and are reminded again to invite God into the dry and desolate. Declaring resurrection life into the barren places. I am not suggesting a positive thinking exercise or the ABC’s to super living – you know me. But, I do believe in the power of God’s word, the declaration of His promise coming together with your destiny and the reality of knowing God’s strength in the struggle.

Lost Luggage.

Mom, Dion and Charlotte arrived last night! They landed in Kelowna at 8pm minus any luggage because of a computer malfunction at Heathrow.

It’s unfortunate, it’s a first world problem… yet when the loss brings genuine upset and high anxiety – when Aspergers says ‘I need this now’ the loss becomes real. So we all sit on the sofa at 1am, jetlagged and tired and we invite God into the loss and we invite Him to be the ultimate comfort, tangible peace descends and we all sleep.

We are a family who have known much loss and we know our source of peace. We know the God of all comfort.

Lost Children.

Phil has been disturbed by the plight of Syrian children and the hideous refugee crisis. So he decided to do something. Today (Friday) He is embarking on a 32 mile peace run – a day of prayer, wilderness and endurance. He is following High Rim Trail from Kelowna to Vernon, a grueling, isolated path, known for its mountain cougars, bears and moose. He will be running through thick green pine forests, crossing numerous brooks and descending into hidden valleys. A challenging distance to achieve in a day.

It’s the first time he has run a distance with a bear banger (sounds like a gun) bear spray (looks like hairspray) A GPS alert system (black box) a life straw (for pure water)!!



I will keep you posted of his progress but here he is 1 hour in!


He is taking sponsors so if you feel led go ahead let me know in comments! He is running for MCC, Mennonite Central Committee, a Canadian charity who bring relief and reconciliation to the darkest areas in the world.

We face a lost generation – over 1.2 million Syrian children have fled Syria for safety, and more than 4 million children remain displaced inside the country. The situation for these children is dire. These children have lost their homes, seen their loved ones killed, their schools destroyed and their hopes eroded. They have been physically or psychologically wounded and are vulnerable to the worst types of exploitation. Please keep thinking and praying for Syria.

Gods reminds us today he is the God of the lost.

He restores,

He comforts,

He says ‘Let the little children come to Me; do not get in their way. For the kingdom of heaven belongs to children like these’.

Love, Michelle xo

Five Minute Friday