INFJ thoughts.

Thank you for your responses and sharing of last weeks post ‘Please don’t hug me (not your way) ’ Click here to read if you missed it. It doubled my highest ever hits for one post and was shared over 50 times on Facebook. It is so encouraging to know that understanding is increasing!

On the subject of being unique…understanding ourselves is so important.

I love the Myers Briggs Type Indicator in giving me insight into my personality.  Not to box me in but to help me grow in my God given uniqueness.

What is your MBTI personality? You can take a simple online test here – although not the original and I’m sure MBTI specialists would have something to say 🙂 But it does point us in the right direction…and it’s good fun!


Me: INFJ. Introvert:iNtutative:Feeling:Sensing.

INFJs make up about 1% of the total population, making it the rarest of the personality types.

People with INFJ personalities tend to exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Intuitive. Sometimes they are not even able to pinpoint how they know and read people. They are usually right, and they usually know it. They get feelings about things and uncanny insights into people and situations – the mystic or the prophet. So that explains my camel hair maxi dress.
  • Highly creative, poetic and artistic. Usually self-expression comes more easily to INFJs on paper, as they tend to have strong writing skills.
  • Reserved. Can be hard to get to know, often appearing withdrawn, whilst not necessarily the case. INFJs do care what others think – often too much.
  • Private. Can appear to be closed or walled… even unapproachable.
  • INFJs value close, deep relationships and often keeps sharing of ‘true self’ with a few close friends.
  • Energy is gained from these close friends, meaningful conversation with one or two and also from art and solitude.
  • Personal Growth. Enjoys thinking about the meaning of life, Personal growth drives them and anything short of that pursuit is meaningless to them. Expectation of self is (often too) high, with feelings of discontent and not finding peace in self. Come on! Take time to revel in present accomplishments.
  • Leadership. INFJ’s can be good leaders, even when they don’t take on overt leadership roles, they often act as quiet influencers behind the scenes. Particularly influencing the spouse who happens to be an extrovert leader!
  • Future focused. INFJs will continuously press on to make everyone’s life better. With their tendency to hope for better things, INFJs may be perceived as overly idealistic and stubbornly principled. Although, this can be inspiring in a world with an attitude of ‘things never change’ or ‘it’s hopeless’.
  • They are very sensitive to conflict, and cannot tolerate it very well. They may tend to internalize conflict into their bodies, and experience health problems when under a lot of stress. IBS anyone?!
  • People. INFJs are caring, good listeners and kind, they can make people feel safe and valued. In addition, the sensitivity of INFJs allows them to connect to others quite easily. Their easy and pleasant communication can often mislead bystanders, who might think that the INFJ is actually an extrovert.
  • Humor. Yes. INFJs are said to be witty, sarcastic, and a little dry in their humor. I think so don’t you?
  • Appear extrovert. This could be that people often equate good people skills with extraversion. As my family and friends know. I love a party. I love to celebrate…and while the extroverts keep going, you’ll find me retreating to my world to recharge. You’ll find me in the treehouse… or near water…or running…(for exercise, not away – kinda) The key for me is to allow those extroverts around me to bring me out of that retreating world.
  • Family/parenting: …Is another post. Imagine all of the above and parenting teens. Goodness.

I hope this short insight helps fellow INFJ’s and also to help those in our church understand this pastor’s wife a little better.

Let me know your personality type in comments.

Have a great week!

Love, Michelle xo

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