Rainbow Falls

“The heavens declare the glory of God;

the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge.

There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard” Psalm 19


Our view.

Phil and I have just returned from a few days at the beautiful Harrison Hot Springs. Phil spoke at the ‘Pastor and Spouse retreat’ with 250 from our BCMB family. We got to meet and hang out with some brilliant pastors, church planters and ministers, and felt very welcome. It was great to see how the conference really look after and care for their pastors.

We also got to hang out with some of our staff team, which we loved of course!

One of my highlights was renting a boat with our crew for an hour and heading out onto Harrison Lake. After half an hour we came across ‘Rainbow Falls.’


We disembarked our Glastron and looked for adventure.


We walked the well worn path into the Northern rain forest. Enormous trees chopped down decades ago to make way for explorers. Mist and sunlight drifted through the trees and ferns. We marveled at the life filled scene which appeared to be set on Instagram  Xpro II. As our magical path turned a corner, it was easy to imagine the Sasquatch right at home, lounging on a cushion of moss.


Instead, we faced a different giant. Rainbow Falls. The deafening waterfall cascaded, pushing and heaving, forced into the river below.


We were drawn to the moment. That deep response we feel in our soul? It has to be a deep stirring of spiritual awe for the Creator, God.

Making Himself known. 

Creation singing His story. 

Have you known that response?

In Psalm 42, David asks questions of himself, his soul – his evident depression. He understands the intensity of the imagery of the waterfall before him as wave upon wave figuratively pounds upon him, cascading over his soul, pushing him deeper.

At this point of tumultuous torrents, the Psalmist acknowledges that deep calls to deep. We can know the deeper we go down, that God meets us, having known deeper still.

The Hebrew word for deep is “tehowm,” which refers to a deep place, an abyss (an immeasurable deep chasm, depth, or void). The Hebrew word for calls is “qara” which means to call unto, to summon, to invite.

The Strong’s concordance says that “qara” also conveys the idea of someone accosting you by boldly and aggressively calling you to come closer and meet.

Deep calls to deep.

Our depths are quickened to life. And we hear the whisper. I am here.

A couple of final thoughts on my waterfall musings… The closer I got, the power of the waterfall reverberated and the area took on new life.

There is a richness that is produced when we hit the depths and it’s not just about you, when we can bring forth riches from the depths of our inner life, we will find that other lives will be deeply affected.

The closer we got we caught glimpses of rainbows. Sometimes just momentarily. We needed to be in the right position to catch that glimpse.


The rainbow? It’s there…

As you know, I am a rainbow chaser. I challenge you to look out for rainbows this week, sometimes it’s simply about altering our perspective.

Be encouraged!

Love, Michelle xoxo

Life is Grand

A heavy black presence entered our home this week.

It sits waiting for us.

We stare and wonder, we stare in wonder.

Yes, this week we adopted a baby grand piano. I am thankful and imagine the day when the sounds play beautiful around our home.

We love it; we polish it, we wonder about best methods, we discuss who really wants to learn…

This piano, with its life and memories and years of love, could sit in that corner for years to come, a beautiful ornament, waiting.

Or. We can embrace it, find a teacher, play daily, learn upon learn and allow life and beauty to emerge.

Life and Beauty

I look around my room and see bibles. Do you?

They too could sit and become grand ornaments of leather bound, lifeless, gold lined paper.

Lifeless, that is, until we pick it up, open it, speak it out, live it and play it.

The word of God brings life. Bringing a new song, a God song.

Yes! It penetrates those situations. It brings energy. It is active. Effacious.

But Michelle I don’t know where to start with the bible.

Pick it up, dust it off if necessary, open it around about in the middle and find Psalm 17. The shortest Psalm in the bible. I thought I’d be go easy on you… now if you really want to grasp some beauty move on a few pages and read Psalm 139.

Let that Psalm invade and you’ll be forever changed. You are loved.

Back to the piano, if anyone has a birthday feel free to come on over, Happy Birthday is the ONE song Bella knows…

Now. I do believe this piano needs a name so I’m setting up a competition this week.                                   Simply ‘Name the Piano’ feel free to leave your chosen name in comments and the winning name chosen by the Collins clan will win an itunes copy of  ‘For the Sake of the World’ by Bethel Music. Out on October 2nd!

Here’s a verse to capture my musings today!

Psalm 33

Good people, cheer God!

Right-living people sound best when praising.

Use guitars to reinforce your Hallelujahs!

Play his praise on a grand piano!

Invent your own new song to him; give him a trumpet fanfare. 

For God’s Word is solid to the core; everything he makes is sound inside and out.

He loves it when everything fits, when his world is in plumb-line true.

Earth is drenched in God’s affectionate satisfaction.

Have a great week,

Michelle xoxo