I am a girl in love…my man, my children, my family, with writing too – taking life with it’s twists, turns and blessings and throwing them into ‘michelles musings’.

Oh, then add to the love list – freedom, laughter, mountains, thrift stores, road trips, breakfast dates, ocean, coffee shops and running.

Most of all I am in love with my Creator. My faith is my life. I live for Him.

What do I do? I have owned my own business, worked in mental health services and a church community worker.

Most of my work has been in community/outreach and youth projects although right now I’m a ‘stay at home although never at home Mom’ I am currently completing a Creative Writing degree alongside raising four children, being Pastors wife and volunteering at the Hope Centre at Willow Park Church.

Thanks for reading!

Jesus: I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full…