A month since I last blogged.

In the last month the Kelowna churches gathered to pray on the Global Day of Prayer. It was great see churches gather at the Island Stage. Displaying unity, dissolving division and praying for God’s presence in our city.

The children finished their first year in Canadian education – they finished school with some great awards. The three girls have all been at camp already this Summer. Bella going to Gardom Lake and enjoying independence and all that camp life brings. Em and Jess went to the infamous Ark and  returned well and truly initiated into our amazing youth department, they have now left me on the front row of church and ascended to the balcony.

Oh the balcony. I remember the Chawn Hill balcony well. Those pews could tell some stories…

We purchased a house on Brighton Road. A lovely, simple house with room for all and a big yard with cherry, apple and apricot trees.

More important to note, the house came with a hot tub which was repaired and working as the trucks were unloaded. Priorities people!

Alongside a new house we welcomed a new puppy to the clan. A Whoodle! A What ?!

A WheatenxPoodle. Sweet little pup we called Sunny…

Other new things?

Emily: I tried SUP boarding which I loved. I also went on the world’s biggest slipnslide.

Josiah:  I graduated from Preschool because I’m going to Kindergarten in September.

Bella: I climbed to the top of the hardest climbing wall at camp, I went on a zipline and today I went parasailing over Okanagan lake!

Jess: I slept on the bus and a house boat and went over the American border on the speedboat.

Phil: Kayaked with Josiah around the lake. An adventure which Josiah still talks about. Have you ever been to Feather Island? They did.

Michelle: I was hi fived for making jam without pectin…and I was asked for a recipe. Me! Now that my friends is new.

Summer is here and Kelowna has it going on. All we need now is sunshine…

Something I heard today ‘Childhood summers feel longer than adult summers as they contain more new experiences’

We’ll see about that!

My Mom and my birth certificate would like to tell me I am 40 in September. I have decided to celebrate  by taking in/carrying out 40 new experiences.

I am in the process of compiling my list so if you have any ideas for the 40for40 challenge, let me know.

Suggestions so far – visit Hawaii, camp on the beach, ski a black, make own wine, plant your food, take 10,000 steps a day, watch a broadway show, use a rain barrel, go para sailing, stay in a spa with your good friends in the UK, run the Birmingham half marathon in October, get an article published and drive the California coast – Seattle to San Diego…. as you see there are some great suggestions.

I will let you know my 40for40 list soon!

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