On this day last year, I wrote this letter to my Dad. Today I’d like to share a glimpse of my book…

…’My father lay, rattling his last breaths, in the deepest of sleeps. He was leaving us. Departing this momentary world. So many of his loved ones had been allowed their moment and I waited anxiously for mine. Even with ten of us around his bedside My Heavenly Father graced me my space, I looked up to an empty room. A new sound of peace invading my being, tangible peace.
Just me and my Dad.
I wanted to hold his hand as he was ushered in. That smooth, familiar hand. The hand that had steered the truck to support our family. The hand that done wrong. The hand that had given out aid in Croatia. The hand that had surrendered to God.
One hand held a wooden prayer cross, I wrapped his other around mine.
I said all I had to say. Oh and he heard me. His frail, cancer eaten physical body slowly closed down. But he heard me. Tears rolled down his cheeks and mine.
Salt heals you know.
‘Well done Dad. Well done’ Call me judgemental but I have a feeling someone else will say that too.
As a family we waited a few more minutes, holding every second dear.
Then we all gathered closer and held hands, a little too tight. Sounds never heard before, emotions never experienced. A most glorious February sunlight shone through the hospice window, a new unobscured light. I can only describe it as beautiful.
And he left us.
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.
You are with me’

                                                             Photo:Mine. Mill Creek Park. Feb 18th 2012.

I find many books that offer us light at the end of the tunnel, a way out, directions to transport you to the mountaintop. I believe they’re a gift and necessary for our journey.
But sometimes, when you’re in the midst of a dark place, a valley, you need to  learn how to adjust your eyes to see in the dark, to survive – even thrive in it.

In my book I look forward to introducing you to people with real life raw, painful stories.
Stories of mental illness, loss, abuse and addiction.
Stories of depression, bankruptcy, constant physical pain, loneliness.
These amazing people, old friends, new friends, who have gone and going through valley experiences will share how in that place they found hope, life, joy and promise.

My prayer is that you will be encouraged to pilgrimage with God in dark places, the midnight hour, to know He is with you.

8 thoughts on “Rainbows

  1. Thankyou Michelle for sharing that story It brings back memories of saying good bye to my dear mother and my darling husband of 53 plus years.My father was killed in an industrial accident so was not able to say goodbye to him ,but I have a letter he wrote to me 2 weeks before he was killed .Very precious


  2. Dearest Shell……..how beautifully you have expressed the reality of our last moments with him……..how blessed we are to be able to look back to the valley and see Gods light shining so brilliantly as your dad went to be with Him…….thankyou……..my love always xxxxxx


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