Coat of Alms

A fawn silver Dutch bantam hen.
(Photo credit: Wiki)

My Mom and her household, in recent times have taken to raising chickens, on a smaller than smallholding in Stourbridge, in fact in our old backyard. They have many a story to tell of their escaping egg providers.

Todays events.

The Hensleys woke to beautiful Stourbridge sunshine and introduced two new Bantams to their flock. After a day of welly wearing activity they realised that their new white Bantam (I will call Willow) had escaped. After a time of waiting and Dion scurrying in the undergrowth of Glasshouse Hill. Willow popped out to play, Mom, who was wearing usual Summer attire (it is April after all) quickly covered up throwing on Dion’s wax jacket and his green crocs and began a sprint down the hill with Willow sprinting faster. At this point, a fellow passerby, a little worse for wear, randomly shouted ‘yowm one of the Collins aye ya’? then proceeded to join the chase, take off his coat and throw it down in attempt to catch Willow.

Sadly, this assignment failed and the coat landed with new friend tripping over it and him rolling down the hill. The comedic scene continued as more neighbours got involved in the chase, thankfully the escapee was found in the hollow of a tree. You couldn’t write it could you?

Unless my Mom is involved.

I took a slavery footprint survey today.  The result? Of the 27 million slaves in this world, I have 70 slaves working for me.

Check out your slavery footprint here and let us work together to end this. Download the Free World app too, Free World points counteract your Slavery Footprint, earn points through actions that encourage companies to check their supply chains for slavery.

Really? 70 slaves.

How? Phone, computers, clothes, coffee, children’s toys (the words plastic and fantastic just don’t go together)

Let’s not forget coats.

Coats. Dare I admit I have just counted 50 coats in my home. Someone has not been listening to Luke 3:11.

Should I weakly defend this by stating there are 6 of us in the Collins home. Some coats are donated, some are from thrift stores, some are years old, some are new.

Coats for all occasions.

Each one involves a form of slavery.

Palm leaves
(Photo credit: Wiki)

The streets are bustling, the triumphant One riding the donkey on a road never traveled. Messiah!

People, busy, moving, shouting. Palms are waved, they shout louder and louder. Hosanna!

They know the King is in town.

Coats are laid down. That item of need, the one of value, thrown down into the dust, the mud.

A symbolic act. They knew He was.

What more does the King ask for, than that of value and pride from our lives today.

We welcome Him into our hearts, our lives, our worship.

But not just today….tomorrow and the roller coaster of Holy week.

Join with me in shouting Hosanna or more appropriately Save me – and as we are reminded of what we need to lay down let us find amazing grace drowning our fickle ways, protecting us from saying Crucify Him.

 We journey on… traveling lighter.

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