Saturday Soup: One


Another week…

Writing: I have stared at my Macbook for endless hours this week as I had a deadline with an assignment. Procrastination mocked my quickly fading summer tan as I edited 5000 to 3000 words – the story remained the same. Less is more Michelle. Lose the cliches Michelle.

Wordy birdy.

This module has been great – we had the choice of writing for screen, radio or stage. I wrote for stage and although I’m only on my second draft and it will need many more hours of writing dedicated to it. This play will be on stage. I can totally see it. Exciting.

Family: I love this picture of Josiah’s shoes he wore to church. Long may he hold onto his quiet confidence and quirky ways.


Speaking of the 6 year old. Here are just a handful of his (many) questions from this week:

*Why do we have to pay tax on stuff?

*If someone is having a nightmare in their sleep and they die, does the nightmare end?

*Before you had children was your belly button an inny or an outy? *sigh*

*You know that God was in the beginning and it was dark, what was before the dark?

Love his questions. I especially love Daddy coming home…and Google (afterall, Google is 15, which means it knows everything…)

Listening: I have enjoyed the poetry that is Gungor’s ‘I Am Mountain’ this week. Check it out a song from the album here. My fave song today is Wandering.

Reading:  This article written by a former editor of Loaded mag on the subject of internet porn following research for the UK documentary, Porn on the Brain. He set out on a journey to answer the question: is porn harmless, or is it damaging lives?  Please read and be vigilant. The age of innocence is over.

‘We need to get tech-savvy, and as toe-curling as it seems, we are the first generation that will have to talk to our children about porn….We have to tell our kids that pornographic sex is fake and real sex is about love, not lust’.

Watching: The nights draw in which means we watch iPlayer – Downton, The X Factor, Doc Martin. We love our UK TV fix!

Then there was this short documentary about the science of happiness. Why not try this experiment in gratitude. Go on, give it a try. Let us honor one another, and in doing so – honor God.

Meditating: ‘You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world’ Matthew 5:14. Us.

What was a highlight of your week? Let me know in comments.

You are loved,

Michelle xo

6 thoughts on “Saturday Soup: One

  1. My highlight was being in Madrid with the Garcia family. I saw so much evidence of their mission of being light and bringing God colour to a broken world – the transformation testimonies of former drug addicts were amazing.The glory of God so evident in their worship.
    It will be forever etched in my memory.


  2. I have many highlights Shell over this past week and a half…….not least by any means my amazingly rapid recovery so far from the operation I had….
    the main highlight though that sticks in my mind is this…..our last minute text conversation before I went to theatre…..I was feeling incredibly nervous….then as you were texting our precious Bella related to you a dream that she had about me……that dream totally and utterly allayed any fear I had…..showed me once again that His timing is perfect……showed me yet again that my life is indeed in His hands…..and gave me peace!!!…..AMEN and PTL!!!!!!!!!


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